Rodney H. Orr

How the Rhythm of Prayer Fine-Tunes Ministry

Rodney H. Orr Jun 21

Editor’s Note: Cortina Orr passed away in early May as we were going to press. Our deepest condolences to Dr. Orr and his family. I n 1983 our first assignment as missionaries led us to the inner city of Washington, DC. For a newly married couple, it was not an easy thing to do. Almost...

Missions: How Can I Avoid Help that Hurts?

Rodney H. Orr, Victor D. Anderson Dec 29, 2014

A DTS graduate serving overseas was approached by a donor who wanted only to build multiple orphanages in one city. But the city had too few orphans to fill that much space, and the ministry was moving to a model that supported extended family caring for their own orphaned family members. So the...