Sandra Glahn

What Good is Valentine’s Day?

Sandra Glahn Feb 9

Quick! What do you get when you mix history, myth, marketing, romance, and angst? Yes, indeed—Saint Valentine’s Day. Many of us think, “Meh. Another commercial holiday for greeting-card companies to make money.” And, indeed, they do. The Greeting Card Association...

Can Any Good Thing Come Out of Nazareth?

Sandra Glahn Jul 1, 2016

S tanding in Nazareth's Basilica of the Annunciation, I gazed up at mosaics from all over the world. These works depicted the Virgin Mary with Jesus, and in each case Jesus bore the ethnic identity of the predominate group in the gifting country. That is, the art from Ecuador showed...

Dr. Charles C. Ryrie (1925-2016)

Sandra Glahn Feb 16, 2016

Dr. Charles Ryrie, best known for The Ryrie Study Bible (Moody), taught Systematic Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary before serving as dean of doctoral studies for more than two decades until his retirement in 1983.

The Blood of the Martyrs Should Drive Us to Pray

Sandra Glahn Feb 3, 2016

Due to war and persecution, the number of the world’s displaced people has reached 60 million—half of them children. This number represents more people than at any time since World War II.  With persecution making headlines, believers frequently hear a familiar quote: “The blood of the martyrs is...

DTS and the NIV: 50 Years and Counting

Emily Varner, Sandra Glahn Nov 16, 2015

Dallas Theological Seminary’s role in the faithful translation and interpretation of God’s Word continues with the work of DTS Department Chair and Senior Professor of New Testament Studies, Buist M. Fanning. Fanning is a contributor to the recently released NIV Zondervan Study Bible , a new...

A Madness Most Discreet: Join DTS for Arts Week 2015

Sandra Glahn Oct 14, 2015

In Shakespeare’s great tragedy, Romeo describes love—among other things—as “a madness most discreet.” The impassioned Montague recognizes that love is so powerful it can overwhelm with confusion, even to the point of driving a person crazy. Nevertheless, he believes love is worth going mad for....

Every Meal a Eucharist: Introducing DTS Magazine

Sandra Glahn Oct 1, 2015

Welcome to the union of Kindred Spirit magazine and the alumni Connection . Kindred Spirit began as a vision of the late John F. Walvoord, then president, and DTS’s Public Relations director James Killion.  A Ministry to the DTS Family When they published the first issue in 1977, these...

DTS grad stars in "War Room"

Sandra Glahn, Michael Foust Aug 28, 2015

The makers of "Facing the Giants," "Fireproof," and "Courageous" have completed their latest film, "War Room," which spotlights prayer, its power and purpose. Specifically, the movie tells the story of a prayer warrior grandmother (played by Karen Abercrombie) who mentors a young mom (DTS grad Priscilla Shirer) facing a troubled relationship with her husband (T.C. Stallings).

How To Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor: An Interview with Dr. Mark Yarbrough

Sandra Glahn Mar 3, 2015

How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor: A Practical and Entertaining Exploration of the World's Most Famous Book released on March 3, 2015. Recently, the book’s author DTS academic dean Dr. Mark Yarbrough took some time to talk about this entertaining new resource.

Lifting Up Christ While Lifting Weights: Spencer Arnold (MA/CE, 2014)

Ashley Scarbrough, Sandra Glahn Jan 2, 2015

Spencer Arnold (MA/CE, 2014) picked up the sport of Olympic-style weightlifting when he was 13. Prior to starting seminary and throughout his time at DTS, he continued to train and stay in shape. Team USA athletes earned their spots based on their individual performances at the 2014 National University Championships and the 2014 USA Weightlifting National Championships—at which Arnold placed second.

Serving Living Water in an Oasis:
DTS Grad Gloria Furman

Sandra Glahn Apr 2, 2014

DTS grad Gloria Furman (MA/CE, 2007) is an award-winning blogger and author who serves with her husband Dave at Redeemer Church in Dubai. Her new book, Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms, encourages women to see Christ in their everyday lives.

The Importance of Doing Nothing

Sandra Glahn Oct 15, 2013

DTS graduates from across the globe shared their suggestions for incorporating rest into life’s daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms.

Living with a Disability

Sandra Glahn Jun 5, 2013

Members of the DTS family talk about what it’s like to live with disability—from the perspective of both the impaired and the caregiver—and how the body of Christ can both help and reap benefits.

The Gift of Work

Sandra Glahn Dec 1, 2012

Resources on the subject of work and vocation

Sumatra with the Seven Churches

Sandra Glahn Aug 15, 2011

The Main Thing Revelation 1:7 “Look! He is returning with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him, and all the tribes on the earth will mourn because of him. This will certainly come to pass! Amen.” Think for a moment about the different...

Leaving a Legacy

Sandra Glahn Apr 1, 2011

The Howard family has a long history of receiving from and giving to DTS. Their story demonstrates that there is more than one way to leave a legacy.

A Prof Like No Other

Karen G. Giesen, Sandra Glahn Apr 1, 2010

When Howard G. Hendricks met his sixth-grade teacher, she said, "I've heard a lot about you. But I don't believe a word of it." Those words changed his life. Eventually he tracked her down to tell her the same story you'll read here.

Israel: Encounter God as Storyteller II

Sandra Glahn Feb 1, 2009

Years ago, I opened the drawer in the nightstand by my husband’s side of the bed and discovered an old photo album belonging to him. In it I saw many pictures familiar to me. But one made me stop and laugh. It was a shot of him sitting atop a camel with pyramids in the background. I...

Jordan: Encounter God as Storyteller

Sandra Glahn Jul 1, 2009

A great narrative needs a great setting. And God has often set His redemption story in Jordan.

The Gift God Still Wants

Sandra Glahn Dec 1, 2007

From the time of Cain and Abel until today God has been asking for only one gift.