Michael Justice

Blazed Out of Darkness

Michael Justice Jan 9

E ver wonder why a physically blind person longs to see light while a spiritually blind person does not? The man born blind in John 9 saw darkness: no colors, no shapes, no depth perception, no visual perspective whatsoever. He “saw” by his other senses, such as hearing, touch, smell,...

Prayer: The Court of Last Resort

Michael Justice Oct 1, 2009

Several people affected by disabilities have played a major role in my life since I lost my sight many years ago.  One was a man named Dennis Dordigan (ThM, 1975) who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for more than twenty-eight years. Many trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior...


Michael Justice Jul 7, 2005

Blinded by diabetes, one man discovers how two words in Scripture bring into focus an element of Christ’s character that soothes the pain.