Mark L. Bailey

Dr. Robert Garippa Retiring After 17 Years; Dr. George Hillman new VP of Student Life

Mark L. Bailey Mar 21

Fulfilling the mission of Dallas Theological Seminary takes a team of dedicated people committed not only to academics, but also to student life. And we at DTS view these as inseparable priorities. Robert Garippa, DMin For 17 years, Dr. Robert Garippa has overseen DTS’s...

Loving Our Neighbor: Statement on Caring for Refugees

Mark L. Bailey Jan 31

Before chapel on January 31, 2017, Mark L. Bailey, president of DTS and professor of Bible Exposition, read the following statement: On our Statue of Liberty, it is inscribed, Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your...

A Pivotal Moment in History

Mark L. Bailey Jan 20

I recently spoke at a weekend retreat in east Texas to a group of young adults from a local church near Dallas. At the end of our time together, we had a Q&A session that lasted for about three hours. In the hearts of these young people burned the question, “What does our future...

Reclaiming Dignity in Public Discourse

Darrell L. Bock, Mark L. Bailey Oct 11, 2016

In our contentious world, human dignity is often disregarded and lost. Yet from Genesis 1 throughout the Scripture, God says people are made in his image and have significance. Thus, they and their lives are worthy of respect. Whether it’s a forming child, a person at the end of life, or...

Follow Christ's Lead

Mark L. Bailey Sep 12, 2016

My grandfather raised sheep on a small 210-acre ranch in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. When I was a child, my family and I lived across the mountains from him and would often make the five-hour drive, climbing and descending through three mountain passes just to get to his place. Then...

Praying for Dallas and Beyond

Mark L. Bailey Jul 8, 2016

On behalf of the DTS Community we extend our hearts and prayers to those who have been injured and to those family members who have lost loved ones in the horrendous assault on our police officers of the City of Dallas and the Dallas Area Rapid Transport organization. As president of Dallas...

The Lord Loves Diversity

Mark L. Bailey Jun 23, 2016

A ll of us who have lived through this past year are aware of the difficulties of the racial tensions within our culture—the massacre in Charleston, racially related police violence, and offensive statements made by politicians and candidates. If anything, these events continue to show...

Till Heaven and Nature Sing

Mark L. Bailey Feb 7, 2016

Some 2,600 years ago, Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon, invaded Judah. Consequently, after a siege lasting about eighteen months, the Gentiles conquered and destroyed Jerusalem, plundered the temple, and hauled most of the city’s residents into captivity. Only the poorest of the poor remained....

Napkin Theology

Mark L. Bailey Oct 1, 2015

On the day after my son Joshua turned sixteen, he obtained his driver’s license. That night, I thought it might be a timely moment for a father-son chat. So we went to our favorite coffee shop. I ordered a cup of coffee, and he ordered a chocolate shake. And I pulled out a napkin. Josh...

A Response from Dallas Theological Seminary to Today’s Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

Mark L. Bailey Jun 26, 2015

With the verdict of the Supreme Court today that legalizes same-sex marriage in the United States, we at Dallas Theological Seminary are grieved by this decision that seeks to legally yet wrongfully expand what God established from the beginning to be the divinely designed institution of marriage....

Dr. Mark Bailey’s Letter to the Church in Charleston

Mark L. Bailey Jun 24, 2015

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church 110 Calhoun Street Charleston, SC 29401 Dear Leadership and Membership of the Emanuel AME Church of Charleston, It has been seven days and nights of grief since the tragic and utterly sinful murders of your staff and church members. While...

No-Pendulum Zone

Mark L. Bailey May 8, 2015

Marriage is not superior; nor is singleness. And love beckons us to remember that.

The First Principle of Money Management

Mark L. Bailey Dec 29, 2014

When an American Christian began training pastors on Mt. Elgon in Kenya about ten years ago, one local man there was outraged. He got up in the face of this believer, a DTS graduate, and threatened his life. A few years later, hundreds of Kenyans fled Mt. Elgon, crossing into Uganda to get...

A Bible You Can Trust

Mark L. Bailey May 1, 2014

At the 1982 International Council for Biblical Inerrancy held in San Diego, California, the late E.V. Hill gave a plenary address that I shall never forget. Weaving a homespun story of what his mama taught him growing up in Sweet Home, Texas, Dr. Hill masterfully defended the authority of...

Getting a Handle on God’s Love

Mark L. Bailey Dec 30, 2013

The Lord is good to all;
he has compassion on all he has made” (Ps. 145:9). Thirty-six years ago, these words became a handle for me to grip—a truth to which I still cling. It has sustained me through decades of trials. Star Wars with Dolby Stereo had just hit the cinemas; Steve Jobs...

Help for Battling Burnout

Mark L. Bailey Sep 15, 2013

Care to guess which chapel-message video posted on the DTS website always generates the most traffic? It’s not about conflict in the Middle East. It’s not one of our counseling professors talking about sex and marriage. And it’s not one of our theology professors discussing...

"Renewable" Resources: The Gift of Suffering

Mark L. Bailey May 15, 2013

More than one billion people, about fifteen percent of the world’s population, live with some form of disability, according to the World Health Organization. These people form the world’s largest minority. And the church has a great opportunity to reach out. But how? Dallas...

Work for the Master

Mark L. Bailey Dec 1, 2012

If we open our Bibles and begin reading on page one, we find after only twenty-five verses a reason God placed humans on earth: to do the work of God according to the will of God as revealed by the Word of God (Gen. 1:28). God tasked man and woman to work His garden together and to fill the earth...

Who You Are, Wherever You Are

Mark L. Bailey Jun 1, 2012

Have you ever noticed we serve a God who often calls us to leave our comfort zones and serve in the stretching posture of faith? Abraham was summoned out of Ur; Jonah was sent to Nineveh. Yet many of our biblical models were asked to speak to their own people in their own locations. The call of...

Hope through the Night

Mark L. Bailey Mar 1, 2012

Dallas Theological Seminary President Mark L. Bailey shows the source of hope for those in the middle of dark times.

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