Glenn R. Kreider

Shaped By the Future: Reclaiming the Hope of Eschatology

Glenn R. Kreider Jan 9

Eschatology. Often simply defined as “the study of last things,” the mere mention of the word conjures up a variety of responses. Some think of weeklong prophecy conferences, led by biblical scholars who have spent a lifetime developing charts, maps, and graphs of end time scenarios....

Book Excerpt: God With Us - "Theological Foundations"

Glenn R. Kreider May 15, 2015

Professor of Theological Studies Dr. Glenn Kreider writes. “The behavior of the incarnate Son is consistent with the behavior of the God who is revealed prior to the incarnation. We see continuity between the two testaments in the character and practice of God.” In this chapter he provides a survey of how God has revealed himself throughout time.

Is Tithing Bibical?

Glenn R. Kreider Jan 2, 2014

We asked Dr. Glenn Kreider , professor of Theological Studies, what he teaches his students about tithing, and whether it’s biblical. “I tell them that tithing is biblical like polygamy, slavery, and animal sacrifices are biblical. These concepts are included in the Bible. But...

The Office: Taking the Word to Work

Glenn R. Kreider Jun 1, 2012

Katherine “Kat” Armstrong (MA/CE, 2011) and Stephanie Giddens (ThM, 2009) share a lot in common. Both are native Texans who met at Texas A&M University. They reconnected on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary, worked in the corporate world while attending classes, and served...

Dr. Glenn Kreider's Review of The Shack

Glenn R. Kreider Mar 1, 2009

Review of The Shack ...

The God Delusion: A Theological Response

Glenn R. Kreider Jun 1, 2008

In the past year works by militant atheists have dominated religion book lists. In this interview a Dallas Seminary professor takes an in-depth look at one such work and makes some instructive observations.

One God, Three Persons

Glenn R. Kreider Jul 7, 2001

Many times we have heard recently, “We all worship the same God” in attempts to play down our differences. It reminds us of how theologically pluralistic our culture is and how offensive it is to claim to believe the truth. In the midst of horrific tragedy the only thing sometimes seen...