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Review: "Risen" Movie: Through the Eyes of a Soldier

Chrissy Segulin Feb 18, 2016

Like CSI, the film “ Risen ”—a Sony/TriStar production that opens today—starts after “the main event” has happened and follows the main character as he seeks to piece together evidence. Set in Jerusalem at the time of Christ, the story begins with the Crucifixion rather than ending with it. It...

Winning the Food Fight: How a Pastor Ministered to the Body and Soul of America's Unhealthiest City

Staff Oct 22, 2015

Pastor Steve Willis (ThM, 1996) teamed up with Jamie Oliver to combat obesity in America's Fattest and Unhealthiest City.

Kylee Pastore: Finding Widsom in Latte Art

Garland Dunlap Oct 20, 2015

When it comes to food, DTS student Kylee “K” Pastore is a study in contrasts. “I think my learning style is food. When I’m eating, I understand things so much better. I carry food around with me all the time,” she jokes. Her diet is serious, though. She follows...

A Madness Most Discreet: Join DTS for Arts Week 2015

Sandra Glahn Oct 14, 2015

In Shakespeare’s great tragedy, Romeo describes love—among other things—as “a madness most discreet.” The impassioned Montague recognizes that love is so powerful it can overwhelm with confusion, even to the point of driving a person crazy. Nevertheless, he believes love is worth going mad for....

Every Meal a Eucharist: Introducing DTS Magazine

Sandra Glahn Oct 1, 2015

Welcome to the union of Kindred Spirit magazine and the alumni Connection . Kindred Spirit began as a vision of the late John F. Walvoord, then president, and DTS’s Public Relations director James Killion.  A Ministry to the DTS Family When they published the first issue in 1977, these...

DTS grad stars in "War Room"

Sandra Glahn, Michael Foust Aug 28, 2015

The makers of "Facing the Giants," "Fireproof," and "Courageous" have completed their latest film, "War Room," which spotlights prayer, its power and purpose. Specifically, the movie tells the story of a prayer warrior grandmother (played by Karen Abercrombie) who mentors a young mom (DTS grad Priscilla Shirer) facing a troubled relationship with her husband (T.C. Stallings).

Compelling Love: The Christian and Same-Sex Attraction

C. Gary Barnes May 11, 2015

During a recent sabbatical from DTS, Dr. Gary Barnes (ThM, 1983) and others traveled the country to ask scores of people: “How do you connect with someone who greatly differs, distresses, or even offends you?” The film “Compelling Love & Sexual Identity” is the result.

Review of the film "Ink"

Trevor Main Jun 1, 2012

Review of the film "Ink"