It is Personal Being a Christ-Follower who's Asian

Bruce W. Fong Jun 30, 2016

T he fishing in Galveston Bay was fabulous. My mind was capturing the memories of friends who shared in the adventure, perfect weather for a Texas August day, and a bountiful catch of speckled trout. One of my colleagues and I spontaneously decided to grab a light dinner before heading home....

Home Before Dark: Profile of Dr. Donald K. Campbell

Steve Smith Jun 28, 2016

“A lot can be accomplished if you do not care who gets the credit .” – Dr. Donald K. Campbell The third president of Dallas Theological Seminary barely survived childhood. As a young lad in Fort Wayne, Indiana (b. 1926), Donald K. Campbell (ThM, 1952; ThD, 1953) was...

The Lord Loves Diversity

Mark L. Bailey Jun 23, 2016

A ll of us who have lived through this past year are aware of the difficulties of the racial tensions within our culture—the massacre in Charleston, racially related police violence, and offensive statements made by politicians and candidates. If anything, these events continue to show...

How to Seek Unity in Diversity: First Steps

Elizabeth Woodson Jun 16, 2016

Hearing the word “race” can overwhelm us. Our newspapers and social media feeds have bombarded us with stories of racial violence involving African Americans like Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Sandra Bland. While the details of these cases are disputed, the fact that similar...

DTS-Washington, DC Expands Faculty and Degree Offerings

Staff Jun 13, 2016

DTS-DC continues to experience a tremendous influx of new students from around the DC metro area and as far away as New York City. Since its inception in 2010, it has grown from a handful of students to nearly 100 as of spring 2016. Joshua Bleeker (ThM, 2004; current DEdMin student), director of...

DTS Announces Its Spanish-Language Program

Staff Jun 11, 2016

English Español Dallas Theological Seminary proudly announces a new department to reach and equip Spanish-speaking believers called “DTS en Español.” DTS en Español represents DTS’s mission “to glorify God by equipping godly...

DTS Students Equipped to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse through MinistrySafe

Staff May 19, 2016

Beginning fall 2016, Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) will require all students in ministry degree programs to receive an entry-level certification in the Sexual Abuse Awareness Training offered by MinistrySafe .  The Need for Abuse Prevention Training Husband and wife legal team Gregory...

Celebrating the Retirement of Dr. Buist M. Fanning after 42 Years

Raquel P. Wroten May 17, 2016

After teaching at Dallas Theological Seminary for forty-two years, Dr. Buist M. Fanning is retiring June 2016. While the whole seminary family will miss Dr. Fanning’s teaching, guidance and his presence on campus, we feel blessed and eternally grateful for his decades of Christ-like service. We wish Dr. Fanning and his wife, Jan, many blessings in retirement.

DTS Celebrates 2016 Graduates

Staff May 16, 2016

DTS celebrated God's faithful work in the lives of more than 250 recent graduates at commencement exercises on May 7, 2016. Rev. Samuel Chiang delivered the commencement address.

Campus Renovation 2016: Before and After Images

Staff Apr 29, 2016

Photos and video from the restoration of Davidson and Stearns and the new Horner Administration Building.

Ask Dr. Swindoll: How Do You Balance Scholarship When Preaching?

Charles R. Swindoll Feb 28, 2016

Several times a year, Dr. Swindoll preaches in chapel at DTS and engages in a question-and-answer time with prospective students. Here are some of the questions he answered recently. How do you balance scholarship when preaching? "Am I just parading my knowledge, or am I using a language...

Alumni Profile: Dr. Sukhwant Singh Bhatia

Staff Feb 26, 2016

On the day Sukhwant Singh Bhatia removed his turban, cut his hair, and was baptized, his mother screamed, and his gun-wielding father threatened to shoot him. But eventually, his family accepted him, his mother believed, and Sukhwant came to DTS to earn his ThM (1991)—the first Sikh convert to...

Responding To Syria's Refugee Crisis: Profile of Nabeeh Abbassi

Susan Chaudoir Feb 24, 2016

The United Nations (UN) has declared Syria’s civil war one of the worst humanitarian disasters in history. The number of civilians suffering religious persecution—more than 11 million thus far—have fled the country in a mass exodus. Most Syrian refugees have ended up in...

For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free

Kelley M. Mathews Feb 21, 2016

When I was a child, my relationship with my brother was rocky at best. Wrapped in our own me-centered worlds, we cared little for what the other preferred—whether he wanted me to share the phone or I wanted him to turn down the hard rock coming through the bedroom walls. We spent several years at...

Review: "Risen" Movie: Through the Eyes of a Soldier

Chrissy Segulin Feb 18, 2016

Like CSI, the film “ Risen ”—a Sony/TriStar production that opens today—starts after “the main event” has happened and follows the main character as he seeks to piece together evidence. Set in Jerusalem at the time of Christ, the story begins with the Crucifixion rather than ending with it. It...

Dr. Charles C. Ryrie (1925-2016)

Sandra Glahn Feb 16, 2016

Dr. Charles Ryrie, best known for The Ryrie Study Bible (Moody), taught Systematic Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary before serving as dean of doctoral studies for more than two decades until his retirement in 1983.

Persecution: The New Normal

Tom Doyle Feb 13, 2016

As a new believer in high school, I fell in love with Jesus and began to devour his Word. One of my first stops was the book of Acts. I envisioned myself as one of the disciples spreading the gospel around the known world. I vividly remember thinking, “I’m glad the Roman Empire collapsed, and we...

100,000+ Students Enrolled in DTS’s First Free Online Course

Labin Duke Feb 10, 2016

In November of 2015, Dallas Theological Seminary launched a new program of free online courses designed for men and women at all levels of biblical understanding. Since 2002, more than 6,000 students have taken masters-level online courses from DTS, and the seminary hoped that approximately 10,000...

Captives Living in Liberty: Persecuted But Not Abandoned

Julie Lyons Feb 10, 2016

The world couldn’t look away. Twenty-one men stood on a Libyan beach, hands bound behind their backs, heads bowed—in resignation or surrender. Or in a moment of intense, silent prayer. Behind each was a masked man, clad entirely in black, wielding a short, hilted knife. Most of us stopped right...

Till Heaven and Nature Sing

Mark L. Bailey Feb 7, 2016

Some 2,600 years ago, Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon, invaded Judah. Consequently, after a siege lasting about eighteen months, the Gentiles conquered and destroyed Jerusalem, plundered the temple, and hauled most of the city’s residents into captivity. Only the poorest of the poor remained....

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