The Blood of the Martyrs Should Drive Us to Pray

Sandra Glahn Feb 3, 2016

Due to war and persecution, the number of the world’s displaced people has reached 60 million—half of them children. This number represents more people than at any time since World War II.  With persecution making headlines, believers frequently hear a familiar quote: “The blood of the martyrs is...

Remembering Don Soula (1965–2016)

Staff Jan 29, 2016

Dr. Don Soula, (ThM, 2004; PhD, 2015) a new adjunct professor in the Bible Exposition department, died on January 28, 2016, following a cardiac event.  An ordained minister of the gospel, Dr. Soula, who lived in Plano, Texas, had only recently received his Ph.D. and joined the DTS faculty....

New Academic MA with OT, NT, and TS Majors

Staff Jan 25, 2016

Dallas Theological Seminary is proud to announce the new 60-hour Master of Arts degree with three majors: Old Testament Studies (MA-OT), New Testament Studies (MA-NT), and Theological Studies (MA-TS). This new program is designed for men and women who want to supplement previous seminary...

Dr. Elliott Johnson honored with Festschrift

Staff Dec 11, 2015

During the DTS alumni breakfast at the ETS annual meeting, Dr. Elliott E. Johnson, senior professor of Bible Exposition, was honored with a festschrift titled, The Theory and Practice of Biblical Hermeneutics: Essays in Honor of Elliott E. Johnson (Lampion Press). H. Wayne House and...

The Irresistible Force of Star Wars:
3 Theological Approaches

Michael J. Svigel Dec 8, 2015

The Irresistible Force of Star Wars Since the saga’s launch in 1977, the irresistible force of the Star Wars phenomenon has impacted young and old alike. It’s nearly impossible to get through a day without being brushed, bumped, or bombarded by a Star Wars image, allusion, or...

DTS and the NIV: 50 Years and Counting

Emily Varner, Sandra Glahn Nov 16, 2015

Dallas Theological Seminary’s role in the faithful translation and interpretation of God’s Word continues with the work of DTS Department Chair and Senior Professor of New Testament Studies, Buist M. Fanning. Fanning is a contributor to the recently released NIV Zondervan Study Bible , a new...

3 Lessons Christian Parents Can Learn from Play Therapy

Andi Thacker Nov 6, 2015

How can parents integrate insights from the art of Play Therapy with Scripture?

Announcing the “Last Year Free” ThM Scholarship

Staff Nov 2, 2015

Beginning fall 2016, all ThM students will receive free tuition for the final 24 hours of their degree program.

Hungry Appetites and Holy Affections: 4 Gospel Truths to Combat Food Addiction

Lacey Leifeste Nov 1, 2015

People with eating disorders, disordered eating patterns, and body image struggles fill our churches. And what are we telling them? What are we not telling them? Or, even the better question might be, are we telling these people anything ? In December of 2002, I was hospitalized for an...

The Dinner Table as a Place of Connection, Brokenness, and Blessing

Barry D. Jones Oct 26, 2015

Perhaps before we invite people to Jesus or invite them to church, we should invite them to dinner

Winning the Food Fight: How a Pastor Ministered to the Body and Soul of America's Unhealthiest City

Staff Oct 22, 2015

Pastor Steve Willis (ThM, 1996) teamed up with Jamie Oliver to combat obesity in America's Fattest and Unhealthiest City.

Kylee Pastore: Finding Widsom in Latte Art

Garland Dunlap Oct 20, 2015

When it comes to food, DTS student Kylee “K” Pastore is a study in contrasts. “I think my learning style is food. When I’m eating, I understand things so much better. I carry food around with me all the time,” she jokes. Her diet is serious, though. She follows...

Take, Eat: This Is My Gluten-Free Body

Katie Fisher Oct 19, 2015

How providing Gluten-free bread and wine reminds us of Jesus’s sacrifice and our union in him.

In Memoriam, Eddie B. Lane (1939-2015)

Staff Oct 16, 2015

Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) professor Dr. Eddie B. Lane, Sr., one of DTS’s first African American students, died on October 15, 2015. At the time of his death, Lane was associate professor emeritus of Pastoral Ministries. During his time at DTS, he was instrumental in developing the...

An Excerpt from The Pastor's Wife

Gloria Furman Oct 15, 2015

Introduction “There you are,” a woman whispered in my ear as she grabbed my elbow during a church gathering. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Startled, I braced myself. You never know what a statement like that could mean, especially at a church gathering. Did I leave the trunk...

Who Suffers for Our Food Choices?

Michelle Covington Oct 15, 2015

How would the food industry change if Christians became more conscious consumers?

A Madness Most Discreet: Join DTS for Arts Week 2015

Sandra Glahn Oct 14, 2015

In Shakespeare’s great tragedy, Romeo describes love—among other things—as “a madness most discreet.” The impassioned Montague recognizes that love is so powerful it can overwhelm with confusion, even to the point of driving a person crazy. Nevertheless, he believes love is worth going mad for....

From the Garden to the Garden: Tracing Our Sobremesa through the Bible

Karla D. Zazueta Oct 12, 2015

It seemed no one had intentions of leaving anytime soon. The crowd that night—and, in fact, every night we traveled through France—preferred to linger after dinner. I enjoyed this style of dining—no rush, no waiter pushing us out the door, just fellowship and conversation for...

Ask Dr. Swindoll - Advice for Preachers and Finishing Well

Charles R. Swindoll Oct 1, 2015

Several times a year, Dr. Swindoll preaches in chapel at DTS and engages in a question-and-answer time with prospective students. Here are some of the questions he answered recently. Which book of the Bible is your favorite and why? I don’t have a favorite. That’s like asking, “Which one...

Every Meal a Eucharist: Introducing DTS Magazine

Sandra Glahn Oct 1, 2015

Welcome to the union of Kindred Spirit magazine and the alumni Connection . Kindred Spirit began as a vision of the late John F. Walvoord, then president, and DTS’s Public Relations director James Killion.  A Ministry to the DTS Family When they published the first issue in 1977, these...

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