Crossing the Great Wall into China

Julie Lyons Sep 5, 2014

DTS has had an unprecedented role in shaping China’s view of what defines a real Christian at the highest levels of government and church leadership.

Following Jesus in Seminary

Staff Sep 2, 2014

An excerpt from Blessed Are the Balanced: A Seminarian’s Guide to Following Jesus in the Academy, by Dr. Paul Pettit, DTS grad and adjunct professor of pastoral ministries,

God’s Work: DTS around the World

Jenny McGill Sep 1, 2014

With the expansion of DTS’s extensions and programs abroad, the reach of God’s Word continues to shrink borders. More than six hundred international students graduated from DTS between 1983 and 2014. Consider this sampling of these alumni who daily, through the power of the Holy Spirit, weave the grace of God into the communities where they reside.

And Then We Saw the Storks: God's Loyal Love and DTS

Ronald B. Allen Sep 1, 2014

Because of observed devotion to their young, storks suggested to the faith community something of the covenant love of God for his people.

The Tablecloth of Grace

Charles R. Swindoll Sep 1, 2014

Shortly after David ascended Israel’s throne, he made good on a promise. He had given Jonathan his word that he would demonstrate kindness to Jonathan’s family forever (see 1 Samuel 20). Once David became king, he could easily have forgotten that promise. Certainly, no one would have...

DTS Alumni Earn Book Award Nominations

Staff Sep 1, 2014

Books by three DTS alumni were finalists for Christian Retailing’s 2014 awards. Nominations came from those in the Christian products industry and they honored books based on impact, ability to open people’s minds to new ways of thinking, and affirmation of Christ-like living.

Walking Stories of God's Provision through the Decades

Staff Sep 1, 2014

DTS celebrated its 90th anniversary this year. The Seminary's story is a testament to God's provision through the contributions of faithful supporters.

DTS Grad Born 115 Years Ago Continues to Give

Jennifer Callaway Sep 1, 2014

The Aldrich family’s legacy of faith continues through their investment in the training of future Christian leaders.

Celebrating 90 Years of God's Faithfulness

Staff Aug 1, 2014

In the fall of 1924, the first students at what would later be called Dallas Theological Seminary met to study under Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer. During the 2014-2015 school year, DTS is celebrating 90 years of God's faithfulness in equipping servant-leaders for the proclamation of the His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.

DTS Hosts Training for 25 Pastors from 25 Countries

Staff Jun 13, 2014

DTS professor Dr. Ramesh Richard leads the Global Proclamation Academy, which provides theological training to 25 pastors each year, with a goal of ultimately reaching a billion people around the world.

DTS Celebrates 389 New Graduates

Staff May 15, 2014

DTS celebrated God's faithful work in the lives of 389 recent graduates at commencement exercises on May 10, 2014. J Paul Nyquist delivered the commencement address.

Chancellor Swindoll's Tribute to "Dr. P"

Staff May 12, 2014

Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost was an inspiration to so many and an integral part of the DTS family. Chancellor Charles R. Swindoll gave this tribute at Dr. P's memorial service on May 7th, 2014.

A Bible You Can Trust

Mark L. Bailey May 1, 2014

At the 1982 International Council for Biblical Inerrancy held in San Diego, California, the late E.V. Hill gave a plenary address that I shall never forget. Weaving a homespun story of what his mama taught him growing up in Sweet Home, Texas, Dr. Hill masterfully defended the authority of...

Four Reliable Truths from Caleb’s Life

Roy B. Zuck May 1, 2014

ension filled the air. Israel stood waiting to hear the report of twelve men appointed by Moses to go on a forty-day reconnaissance trip to explore the land of Canaan that God had promised them. And the twelve were divided. Ten said the inhabitants were powerful, the cities fortified, and giants...

Passing on God’s Reliable Truth: Mentoring the Next Generation

Sue G. Edwards May 1, 2014

Young people crave mentors, but not the formulaic mentoring styles that worked in the past. To create thriving relationships with next-generation believers, ditch worn-out mentoring models. Be encouraged. Next generation young adults don’t envision a strict weekly commitment. Nor are...

Campus News: Logos Software, Report from Europe, Dr. Kuruvilla Honored

Staff May 1, 2014

Logos Provides On-Site Training Faculty and Students Get Acquainted with Their Portable Library DTS is the only seminary to give every student Logos Bible software loaded with resources including Hebrew and Greek lexicons and top commentaries. After attending his first training...

Build on the Rock

Charles R. Swindoll May 1, 2014

Over fifty-five years ago something unexpected happened in a small community in northeastern Pennsylvania. The townspeople built a multi-purpose building to serve as their police department, fire department, and city hall. They were proud of their red-brick building; it stood as the result of...

How a Surf Bum Learned to Trust the Bible

Daniel B. Wallace May 1, 2014

Dr. Wallace, a former surfer and pastor with more than twenty books to his credit, teaches Greek and New Testament Studies at DTS. He also travels the world taking digital photographs of Greek New Testament manuscripts in his capacity as executive director of the Center for the Study of New...

Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost (1915–2014)

Staff Apr 28, 2014

Dr. P, as we affectionately called him, was an inspiration to so many and an institution in his own time. Few people have known the Word of God like he did, and few loved the God of the Word like he loved Him.

Serving Living Water in an Oasis:
DTS Grad Gloria Furman

Sandra Glahn Apr 2, 2014

DTS grad Gloria Furman (MA/CE, 2007) is an award-winning blogger and author who serves with her husband Dave at Redeemer Church in Dubai. Her new book, Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms, encourages women to see Christ in their everyday lives.

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