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DTS Devotional

Jesus Is Lord

Author: Kenneth O. Gangel
Week of September 24, 2017
John 21:1-23

As John brought this wonderful book to a close in John 21, he left his readers with one thought beyond the oft-repeated emphasis on faith. He wanted to show us that these disciples, once mystified and confused, were at last beginning to sense the depth of the commitment they must have to their Master. To make this point, he chose a personal conversation between the Lord and Peter (which John may have heard) and to which Peter probably referred on many subsequent occasions.

The setting was a seaside breakfast at which seven of the disciples were present. Jesus disclosed Himself to them through a miracle, and John announced to Peter, “It is the Lord” (v. 7). After He ate with them, Jesus turned His attention to Peter, probably because of the dominant role that he would play in the early church. Three times Peter had denied the Lord; so three times Jesus asked him, “Do you truly love Me?” (vv. 15-17) Embarrassing as it must have been at the time, this tender exchange genuinely restored Peter to leadership, a role he exercised early in Acts.

Called by his Lord to be a dedicated follower, Peter could not resist comparing how Jesus dealt with John (v. 21). He seemed to be saying, “If I have to be a martyr, why doesn’t John receive the same fate?” Then the Lord told Peter something you and I need to recall every day of our lives. Paraphrased, verse 22 sounds like this: “What I choose to do with other people is none of your business; you follow Me.”

Remember: Jesus is Lord of our lives; Jesus is Lord of our service; Jesus is Lord of our future. He allows no selfishness to stand in the way of those who would follow Him in full obedience.