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Ministry-Based Programs

The Mobile MA in Christian Leadership enables you to stay in your current ministry while DTS partners with local church and parachurch ministries to offer a seminary degree. DTS tailored the program to help you better love and serve your people. You’ll learn alongside other like-minded leaders working for the good of your community and city.

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DTS Profs in Your City

Complete in 4 Years

Only 4 Weeks in Dallas

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What You'll Learn

From the ministry to the marketplace, the MACL gives you a strong biblical foundation and the leadership tools to adapt to diverse situations.

Area of Study  
Biblical Exposition (BE) 22
Theological Studies (ST) 18
Vision, Communication, and Leadership (PM, CE) 10
Ministry Internship (SL) 12

Example Mobile Degree Completion Schedules

There are three types of courses offered in the Mobile MACL, MACS, MACE, MBTS, and CGS—courses in your city, in Dallas, and online. We have specifically designed the course rotation so that each year of your program a professor will come to your city to teach a live course. For those semesters not including a live course you will continue your studies online and/or come to Dallas for specially designed courses for Mobile MACL, MACS, MACE, MBTS, and CGS students.

MACL Fall Spring Summer
Year 1 3 hours RS101 6 hours 2 hours
Year 2 6 hours 2 hours 3 hours 6 hours SF110
Year 3 6 hours 6 hours 2 hours 3 hours
Year 4 SL950 SL801 3 hours SL802 SUMMER
SL801 & SL802 = 11 hours total Internship
Live - Your City Live - Dallas, TX Online

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL)?
The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL) degree is designed to provide graduate-level biblical and theological education to prepare students for organizational leadership roles in a wide variety of ministry settings. The training prepares students to assume leadership positions in church, parachurch, missions, and marketplace contexts.
Is the MACL the right degree for me?
It depends. If you anticipate preaching and teaching to represent the bulk of your ministry, the Master of Theology degree is probably a better fit. However, if you anticipate serving in a variety of leadership roles where teaching and preaching are not primary, then the MACL is right for you.
Do I need to move to Dallas to earn the mobile MACL?
No. The beauty of the mobile MACL is that DTS comes to you. It’s possible that you’ll only need to come to Dallas four times for a total of four weeks during the entire degree. See the How it Works section above for more information.
What are DTS courses like?
Mobile MACL courses are offered in a number of formats:
  • Live-On Site: DTS offers some courses in person wherever there is a cohort. Although the number of meeting times for each course may vary depending on the course, a DTS professor leads the instruction and in some cases partners with a local church pastor(s) to bring his ministry and leadership expertise into the educational process.
  • Online/Video Conferencing: The flexibility of the mobile MACL comes from students’ opportunity to take online courses. Taught and overseen by fully credentialed DTS faculty, these courses allow students to merge seminary into busy lives. In some courses students may participate in video conferencing or other real-time components where the professor in Dallas teaches and interacts with the cohort using high definition technology.
  • Live-Dallas: MACL students are required to complete at least 21 hours of the degree at a campus approved to offer the leadership degree. In order to minimize time away from your ministry, the Seminary offers special week-long courses in Dallas at four different times during the degree program. MACL students complete work before coming to Dallas, fulfill the residency requirements for courses in one week at Dallas, and complete online work after returning home. In the end, you will spend a total of four weeks in Dallas (one week per calendar year) over the course of the program. The final week of residency is adjacent to graduation, thus minimizing travel time.
See the How it Works section above for more information.
Do I work with other students or only by myself?
You work with other students in a variety of ways. For online courses, you may be grouped with other DTS students or others in your cohort. You’ll get to know these student by reading their autobiographies and interacting with them on questions relevant to the course.

For live courses, you’ll be in an actual classroom with your cohort and a DTS professor. In Dallas, you and your cohort will have class with other cohorts from around the country. This will give you an opportunity to network with other students in similar ministry situations.
Can I join a cohort after it has begun?
Yes. The Advising Center can help determine the best way to get you plugged into the cohort in your city.
Can I work full-time and complete the mobile MACL?
Absolutely. The MACL was designed specifically for people working extensively in ministry situations. Although challenging, students tell us that taking two courses per semester and working full-time is very manageable.
Do I need to be serving in ministry to do the mobile MACL?
Although the MACL was designed for those already serving in ministry, anyone who meets the admission requirements for the Seminary can pursue the degree.
What is the ministry residency?
MACL students have the option of earning eleven credit hours toward their degree by serving in their current ministry. We call this the ministry residency. DTS believes that preparation for ministry takes place both in the classroom and in the field of service. It is vital to link theory and practice. Instead of learning only in the isolation of the classroom, DTS supports learning happening within the community of faith as you serve in a ministry context and reflect on that experience.
Can the ministry residency be done in a business setting?
Yes. Students who have leadership responsibilities in a business context can participate in the ministry residency. The Spiritual Formation and Leadership office can provide more information about that.
How long will it take me to finish the degree?
The Mobile MACL is designed to be completed by a cohort in four years by taking one or two courses per semester. Check out the How it Works section above.
How will my church be involved?
Your church can be involved in a variety of ways. For example, students work with their churches to design, implement, and evaluate the ministry residency component of the degree.

Some churches may work with professors in hosting live course components for online classes, such as discussions.

Some churches offer financial assistance to staff or churches members who desire to pursue the Mobile MACL.
How much does the Mobile MACL cost?
The average cost of the Mobile MACL is about $2500 per semester for eleven semesters (this includes fall, spring, and summer terms).
What is Spiritual Formation, and why do I have to be a part of it?
Spiritual Formation is a program that provides a relational context and biblical curriculum designed to help leaders explore key topics related to the Spirit's work in our lives and the lives of those to whom we minister. Our heart is that through the SF process, MACL students will grow in their appreciation for God's authorship in their life stories and the necessity for Christian community in every aspect of our lives. The MACL exists to equip and prepare leaders. The work done through your time in Spiritual Formation is foundational to the concept of service through leadership for the body of Christ.