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4+1 Program

Earn a bachelor’s degree from the College of Biblical Studies plus a Master of Arts (Christian Studies) from DTS in just five years. 

Here's How it Works

  1. Apply to the MA (Christian Studies) at DTS before you enter the final year of your bachelor’s at CBS.
  2. Receive Advanced Standing for courses complete at CBS (15 hours).*
  3. Take Dual Credit classes at DTS during your final year at CBS (24 hours).
  4. Complete your remaining MACS courses (25 hours).

“Dual Credit” Courses (24 hrs)
+ Advanced Standing (15 hrs)*
+ Remaining MACS Courses (25 hrs)
= 64 hrs total


Advanced Standing

wdt_ID DTS Course Corresponding CBS Courses
1 BE101 Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics (3) MSMN1301 Bible Study Methods or BIBL 3301 Advanced Biblical Hermeneutics
2 BE102 OT History I (3) BIBL1311 Pentateuch or BIBL 3311 Special Issues in OT Historical Lit
3 BE107 Hebrews, General Epistles, and Revelation (3) BIBL1323 General Epistles & Revelation or BIBL 3323 Special Issues in NT General Epistolary Lit. & Revelation
4 ST103 Angelology, Anthropology, and Hamartiology (3) THEO1313 Man, Sin, and Salvation
5 ST105 Sanctification and Ecclesiology (3) THEO1314 Angels, Church, & Prophecy
6 Hours: 15

Dual Credit

wdt_ID Applicable Dual Credit Courses Remaining MACS Courses
1 EML105 Teaching Process and Media Presentation (3)—E BE103 OT History II (2)
2 HT200 History of Doctrine (3) BE104 OT Prophets (3)
3 NT113 NT Introduction (2) BE105 The Gospels (2)
4 NT101 Elements of Greek (3)—E BE106 Acts and Pauline Epistles (3)
5 NT102 Elements of Greek (3)—E BE109 Ruth, Psalms, Jonah, and Selected Epistles (3)
6 PM101 Spiritual Life (2) SF100 Spiritual Formation
7 PM102 Evangelism (2) ST101 Introduction to Theology (3)
8 PM103 Expository Preaching I (3)—E ST102 Trinitarianism (3)
9 RS101 Orientation and Research Methods (1) ST104 Soteriology (3)
10 WM101 Introduction to World Missions (3)—E ST106 Eschatology (3)

“E” Denotes fulfillment of an elective in the MACS curriculum by a dual credit course. All other dual credit courses fulfill required courses in the MACS curriculum.

*In order to receive Automatic Advanced Standing, students must (a) earn a grade of “B” in the corresponding courses at DTS and (b) apply to the MACS at DTS within one year of completing a degree from CBS.