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Students in The Village Church Institute’s Training Program who successfully complete the Seminary Track Addendum and are accepted through DTS’s admissions process within five years will receive 21 hours of DTS seminary credit. In addition, students can earn 12 additional credit hours through DTS’s Ministry Residency program while working full-time at The Village Church.

Institute Credit Hours

DTS Course Credit Hours
ST5102 Trinitarianism 3
ST5104 Soteriology 3
ST5105 Sanctification and Ecclesiology 3
BE5102 OT History I 3
BE5106 Acts and Pauline Epistles 3
BE5107 General Epistles and Revelation 3
PM5101 Christian Life and Witness 3
Total   21


Ministry Residency Program

DTS Ministry Residency Program Hours
EML5801 Ministry Residency I 6
EML5802 Ministry Residency II 6
Total   12

To qualify for the Ministry Residency program, students must be enrolled at DTS, approved by TVC, and register for these courses after completing the Institute.


DTS Program Offerings

Degree    Hours Remaining Hours*
ThM Master of Theology 120 87
MACE MA in Christian Education 66 33
MACL MA in Christian Leadership 66 33
MACM MA in Cross-cultural Ministry 64 43
MAMW MA in Media Arts & Worship 66 45
MABC MA in Biblical Counseling 90 70
MACS MA (Christian Studies) 62 41
MBTS Master of Biblical and Theological Studies 36 24

* After TVC Institute and Ministry Residency

Note: MABC students receive 21 hours of credit distributed over ten 2-hour courses (and 1 extra PM hour) rather seven 3-hour courses. MBTS students recieve 12 hours of credit.

Download DTS/TVC degree guide