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YoungLife Staff

DTS and Young Life go back as far as the beginning. Jim Rayburn, the founder of Young Life, graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1940 with the ThM degree. While many things have changed since then, one thing remains true: DTS aims to Teach Truth and Love Well, and we believe Young Life exemplifies this heart.

If you are a full-time Young Life staff member, you can take your first class with DTS free. All you need to do is apply and be approved, and then we’ll help you register for your free class!


Earn up to 12 hours credit for serving on Young Life staff

If you’re serving on staff with Young Life at least 25 hours weekly, you may be eligible for DTS’s dynamic Ministry Residency program within the MACL,   MACE,  and ThM programs. DTS comes alongside you, integrating readings and competencies with your ministry, and you earn up to 12 hours credit. You’re already doing the work, so why not get credit for it?

Get DTS credit for Young Life training courses

wdt_ID This Young Life class… Counts toward this DTS class… For the following program(s)…
1 Introduction to Youth Ministry EML Elective MACE, MACL, ThM
3 Leadership I EML Elective CGS, MBTS, MACS, MACE, MACL, ThM
4 Introduction to the New Testament NT113 MACS, ThM
5 BE105 All other DTS programs
6 Leadership II EML103+EML104 MACE, MACL, MACS
7 EML Elective CGS, MBTS, ThM
8 Systematic Theology ST103 All DTS programs
9 Minister as Person PM105 All DTS programs
10 Area Director School EML330 MACL

NOTE: The total amount of credits that you can earn through Young Life is dependent on several factors. We strongly recommend that you consult with an Academic Advisor if you plan to take most or all of these Young Life courses for DTS credit.


Choose from our campuses or extension sites

And if you want to earn a DTS degree, we have campuses in Dallas, Houston, and Washington, DC and extension sites in Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, and San Antonio.

On top of that, as a full-time staff member, you qualify for reduced tuition. Your tuition will be approximately 50% less than regular tuition!

To begin the application process, simply:

  1. Fill out the online application.
  2. On the “Final Items” page of the application, you’ll see a box for an Application Fee Waiver. In that box, please put this phrase: firstclassfree. Also, at the bottom of the same page there’s a box that says, “Who or what prompted you to apply to Dallas Theological Seminary?” Insert this note as an “answer” to that question: I am applying for the “First Class Free” offer. I am full-time Young Life staff. Thank you for waiving the application fee!

If you have any questions, please let us know! You can reach us at or 800-3-Dallas (800-332-5527).