Dr. Pentecost’s memorial service May 7th, 2014

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J. Dwight Pentecost (1915–2014)

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The stool in front of the classroom is empty. Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost, the unflappable distinguished professor of Bible Exposition emeritus, who always began class precisely on time by taking his students before God’s throne of grace, is now face to face with the Savior. He passed into Glory four days after his ninety-ninth birthday.
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Tributes to Dr. P

Charles R. Swindoll

Dr. P taught the Bible. Any of us who sat in his classroom or occupied a seat in chapel or among a congregation in a church or at some conference grounds could always count on that. His Bible would be open, his finger would be on the text, and his mind would be engaged in teaching the truth of God’s Word. Usually without notes, since he had spent so many years studying the Scriptures. A former student of his sent me this vivid memory: “He would come into class carrying his Bible. He’d sometime ask, ‘Where did we leave off last time?’ Dr. P would turn there and quickly scan the next few pages of the Bible for about 90 seconds... and then say, ‘Alright, we want to look at ten things about —such and such.’ And off he would go, naming those principles and observations, and expositing each of them. With not one note in his hands or in his Bible. The man knew The Book!” Read More

Charles R. Swindoll
Chancellor, Dallas Theological Seminary

Mark L. Bailey

Dr. P, as we affectionately called him, was an inspiration to so many and an institution in his own time.

Few people have known the Word of God like he did, and few loved the God of the Word like he loved Him. His favorite phrases he used with me these past few weeks were “God is in control” and “God knows what he is doing.” We who have had the privilege to sit under him or teach beside him have all come to know and appreciate the whole of the Bible that our beloved friend believed so thoroughly and taught so faithfully for so many years — all centered in the words and works of Jesus Christ. All of us look forward to God’s “things to come” when we will be reunited with him in glory. Praise God for a faithful man and a long life (99 years this past week) well lived.

Mark L. Bailey, Ph.D.
President, Dallas Theological Seminary

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How does one say adequate things about a life of such godliness and impact? Dr. P made a great contribution to my life and my wife Mildred's life. He sat by her bedside several times in the hospital when she was near death and prayed for her. He taught richly out of very diligent study (Matthew, Life of Christ, Romans, Hebrews, etc.), and wrote great books (Things to Come, etc.). He and Dorothy came for dinner, went to a rodeo with us, and encouraged me to go into seminary teaching. He was one of the great ones who made Dallas Seminary -- Drs. Walvoord,Johnson, Hendricks, Campbell, Ryrie, Toussaint, Witmer, and himself. Hail to a spiritual hero made for fruit on earth, made for heaven! I loved the man more than words can describe, and ever want to be like Jesus, like Dr. P whom God crafted.

Jim Rosscup

He was our pastor at Grace Bible Church in the '60s and '70s. Dr. Pentecost's sermon series on "Patient Endurrrance" (he rolled his "rrr"s) stuck with me. I gave him plenty of opportunity to exercise patient endurrrance with the audiovisual innovations we practiced at DTS. "If you can't teach, use a gimmick," he quipped.
Dwight and Dorothy Pentecost were our first babysitters. They gave us a night out, and we have a photo of our first-born son Bryan in Dr. P's personal cradle, which he had refinished. He confirmed a place in our hearts on a snowy Sunday when he braved icy streets to be with us in the ER after our infant son Brent choked. He stayed with us until the baby was okay.
We shared a love for photography and cars. His Mercedes Benz roadster sported a personalized license plate that read "Acts 2:1."
Now the day of Pentecost has fully come, and I salute him as my friend, my pastor, and my model of "patient endurrrance."

Don Regier

Our entire family has been blessed to sit under the Bible teaching of Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost at Dallas Theological Seminary -- first, Dr. Paul Lee Tan (my father) in the 1960s, then my mother (Mrs. Helen G. Tan), afterwards myself, and brothers (Rev. Stephen G. Tan, and soon-to-be-Rev. Samuel G. Tan).

"Dr. P" was a respected & beloved Bible teacher and a treasured family friend. His Bible ministries (especially in Biblical eschatology) has been very influential in our ongoing ministries for the Lord.

My parents (Dr. & Mrs. Paul Lee Tan) and I were humbled and blessed to minister to beloved Dr. P (with songs, God's Word, and prayer), on the morning of (what we later learned to be) the day of His Homegoing, April 28, 2014.

The last of several Hymns I sang for Dr. P yesterday was "Face to Face," to comfort him (as he has comforted countless many) with the assurance of our "blessed hope" as Christians (Titus 2:13; 1 Thess. 4:13-18).

We thank God for Dr. P's fruitful life. Although sad that he is no longer with us, we are thankful that Dr. P is with the LORD now, free from pain and suffering.

And (from Dr. P's example) we are inspired anew to devote our whole lives in consecrated and wholehearted services for our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as we await His return.

“For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

Dr. Christine Joy Tan (on behalf of Dr. & Mrs. Paul Lee Tan family)

How can one put in a few words the appreciation and gratitude for one who has been a teacher, mentor, and friend for more than 66 years. Dwight and Dorothy were such friends since he was our teacher in Philadelphia in 1948. We both entered DTS as students in 1953 and I read “Things to Come” as it came from his typewriter

I remember times of prayer, trips to New Mexico, times of encouragement, exhortation and answers to many questions through the years. He loved the Farmers Market in Lancaster PA and we brought pounds of sweet bologna and sharp cheese which always brought a big smile to his face. There were visits to his cabin in Colorado and finally his gratitude as Dottie baked the last thing she was able to: a shoo-fly pie for Dr. P. As we talked at Dottie’s memorial he reminded me that we were among his oldest friends on our earthly journey before going home.

But more important than all of these memories Dwight was a friend who loved his Lord, faithfully taught His Word,, lived for God’s glory and modeled for generations what a true servant of our Lord Jesus was like. Welcome home faithful servant!

Walt Baker

His classes were of great benefit to my own 49 year teaching career. I don't know how many times I've been through "Things to Come". I saw him wheel it into the office on a 2 wheel dolly when he submitted as his dissertation.

Paul Eymann

My story is like many others, one of gratitude and appreciation. From the very beginning I never was one who looked forward to the requirement of writing a masters thesis for graduation from seminary. So when I found out that Dr. P was going to be my thesis advisor I was, well let's just say, a little intimidated, at first. But I must say that proved to be one of the most helpful times in my seminary training. It was a blessing to be able to talk one on one and to have his wise advise and counsel to guide me along. His gentleness and kindness truly reflected the Lord's patience and that transformed the paper into a blessing instead of a burden. Seminary training was great to be sure but the character and quality of the Christian men the Lord gave our generation to invest in our lives proved just as significant. I will always remember Dr. P as a man of great stature both in word and deed. May his legacy endure.

Thomas Esehak. '81

I was honored beyond words to have Dr. “P” in the church I pastored in Dallas. He would often stand in the foyer at the end of the service and I would make a point of seeking him out, shake his hand and let him know how honored I was to have him come and listen. I often thought, “What can I possibly say that he doesn’t already know!” On more than one occasion he offered me the most encouraging of words – words that keep me going to this day! However, on one occasion I had taken a position I knew Dr. “P” disagreed with. We were talking and I said, “I know that’s not your position.” Dr. Roy Zuck who was a colleague of Dr. “P’s” came by and listened for a moment and then said, “Doug, I agreed with everything you said!” and walked away quickly. Dr. Pentecost just smiled.
Interestingly, Dr. Pentecost and my grandson Max share the same birthday and birth place. Both were born on April 24 in State College, Pennsylvania only 96 years apart. On the day Max was dedicated, Dr. “P” was in church and we have a picture of him holding Max. For Max’s first birthday I had Dr. Pentecost personalize his book “Designed to Be Like Him.” Hopefully, Max will read and apply it as he grows older.
My most cherished memory with Dr. Pentecost was in his Seminary apartment a few years back. I had gone to share with him a personal matter and he prayed for me as I sat in a chair next to him, crying softly. I will remember his words as long as I live, “Doug, remember, the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time.”
Unlike some who grow old and grumpy, Dr. Pentecost mellowed with age. He became much more approachable and gracious. On one visit to his apartment I reminded him how when I was a student I thought his funniest line was when a student would ask a question and he would respond: “That just proves that a fool can answer more questions than a wise man can answer.” When I said that, he looked at me and said, “Doug, I stopped saying that years ago when I realized just how hurtful that was to students.”
I pray that I will grow old as gracefully and with as much dignity as Dr. Pentecost. We have truly lost one of the great Bible teachers of our day.

Douglas Hornok. ThM '79

I love his book Things To Come been a blessing in my life understand now and the future to come.

David A. Waller

while attending seminary in the 70's my usually Sunday morning was to go hear Dr Waltke at his First Baptist sunday school class, then Dr Pentacost at Grace, and then S.Lewis Johnson at Believer's Chapel.One Sunday Dr. Pentacost spoke from one of the gospels when Christ was transfigured before the three on the mount. Let's just way Dr. P took me there. After the service my question to myself was "how do we get down from this mountain?" What a gifted teacher!!!

Dale G. Darnell

Moving in to Swiss Tower our second year at DTS, we were disappointed when the 6th floor apartment with a great view of downtown Dallas fell through. Instead, another couple was moving in to that one and we were getting their old apartment on the 1st floor. Little did we know that we would be directly across the hall from Dr. P! What a joy it was, having 3 years with him as our close friend and neighbor. We scraped the bottom of countless cartons of Blue Bell ice cream together. We made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. We sat with him, night after night, enjoying his company, his wisdom, his friendship, and listening to a symphony of clock chimes voicing their delight with every passing hour. We spent a week with him in the beauty of Colorado, surrounded by 14k mountains. He became "Papa P" when we had our two boys and we've had the privilege of staying in touch over the years. So many memories. We will miss our friend, but we look forward to seeing him again in the presence of our Savior.

Victor and Deena Halfmoon

I enjoyed his Things To Come.

gerald Teel

I'm gratefull to have set underneath such sound biblical teaching.

Ellen (Long) Chadwick

As a student I sat through two of Dr. P's classes. I always remember his offer to any student who would like to take out the "mat" if they had issue with anything. But most of all, in the few times he spoke in chapel I still remember his messages above any other I ever heard. They drove me to genuine reflection and a desire to know God. His had was clearly on this man of God. It was a privilege to have been one of his students.

Charles Estanol

If the measure of a man is the mark that he leaves, Dr. Pentecost, though humble in presence and not tall in physical stature, was a giant among men. To me and to so many others, he was a teacher, a friend, a mentor, a model, an encourager, and a spiritual father. 2 Timothy 2:2 is the verse that to me best describes his life’s work: passing on to multiple generations a deeply theological, soundly expositional, and profoundly spiritual understanding of Scripture. Having enjoyed the hospitality of his home, partaken of his special vegetable beef soup (his personal specialty—yes, he was a good cook too!), and enjoyed countless hours of conversation about Scripture, life, cars, clocks, travel, and many other interests of this wonderful man, I cannot help but smile even as the sad reality of his absence begins to sink in. We mourn our temporary separation from him, but we celebrate his long, fruitful, and faithful life. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for sending such a man to serve among us–and grant that we who have been blessed by His life and ministry will honor him, and more importantly You, by carrying on after his example.

David Dean

I was more certain of the pre-trib rapture occurring before Dr. P's departure than Dr. Walvoord's. Alas, it has not. However, my need to be waiting and watching while working towards God's global purposes was lived and taught (in that sequence) in biblical balance by Dr. Pentecost. I got to have him all to myself at an extended private dinner (he picked Chinese!) when we chatted about the theological charter of our Seminary, how we fit into it as teachers, and how to represent the school across convictions and continents. He was well-known among international students as a "tailor," altering cuffs and sewing buttons picked up at the Seminary's Luke's Closet. I am grateful for this humble hero of the faith, once teacher, then esteemed colleague, and now forerunner into God's heaven. Thank you, Dr. P. Ramesh Richard

Ramesh Richard

One of the very first books of study I purchased right after obtaining my first Bible was one of his. I did not know who Dr. P was when I purchased it. Well over thirty years later, it is amazing how his books STILL have an impact on my thinking and approach to the Bible. I will forever be grateful for this man and his contributions. What a General of the faith.

Mark A. Duranczyk

Mark A. Duranczyk

When I first started working in the Bible Exposition office eight years ago, I think my husband was more excited than I was. He said, "You get to work with Dr. Pentecost. What a privilege!" What a blessing he has been to me especially when my son was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Our prayer times together were very special. I will miss him deeply.

Tina Smilie

He is one of the best communicators of God's truth to an audience I ever got to hear. He not only could teach the life of Christ to DTS students but put him before an audience, open the bible to any passage, and Dr. P knew the text and could help an audience understand and live it. He encouraged me my entire life. Thanks Dr. P

David Wyrtzen

The mere thought of Dr. P still teaching beyond 90 years of age always amazes me. Yet it's no surprise when you remember how he just came to class only with a Bible in his hand. The Word of God is so internalized in his mind and life.
Thanks Dr. P for reminding me to remove my tie and suit when I return to my home country.

Allen Lim

I took several of his classes several times (three of them three times). Truly, Dr. P's understanding of the Kingdom program changed my entire Biblical paradigm. One day I was sitting in his Kingdom and Covenants class and he had surveyed the Scriptures about 3 times in one class tracing 3 different themes. I prayed, "God I would love to be able to do that some day." Thanks to Dr. P, I've had wonderful opportunities training other pastors

Slayden MacGregor Faith Evangelical Free Church.

Humility is a difficult thing to get a handle on. Dr. P was a master of all things to do with prophecy - or so we students thought. At the end of our class on Revelation, a fellow student asked, "Dr. Pentecost when are you going to write the commentary on Revelation? After a moment's pause he responded, "I don't plan to, why add to the confusion! Humor and humility.

Henry Pitman

"How can one put in a few words the appreciation and gratitude for one who has been a teacher, mentor, and friend for more than 66 years. Dwight and Dorothy were such friends since he was our teacher in Philadelphia in 1948. We both entered DTS as students in 1953 and I read “Things to Come” as it came from his typewriter

I remember times of prayer, trips to New Mexico, times of encouragement, exhortation and answers to many questions through the years. He loved the Farmers Market in Lancaster PA and we brought pounds of sweet bologna and sharp cheese which always brought a big smile to his face. There were visits to his cabin in Colorado and finally his gratitude as Dottie baked the last thing she was able to: a shoo-fly pie for Dr. P. As we talked at Dottie’s memorial he reminded me that we were among his oldest friends on our earthly journey before going home.

But more important than all of these memories Dwight was a friend who loved his Lord, faithfully taught His Word,, lived for God’s glory and modeled for generations what a true servant of our Lord Jesus was like. Welcome home faithful servant!

walt baker

The first exposition of scripture I ever heard came at 19 years of age, two weeks after my conversion, from the lips of Dr. P. He became my pastor, baptized me, performed our marriage, dedicated our first born, counseled us as we considered moving from accounting to ministry, taught me the Bible in seminary, examined me for ordination, and preached my ordination service. The Lord used him in mighty ways in my life. I am a debtor.

Michael S. Lawson

a great blessing to read about this man of GOD, exemplary for today's christians...


Dr. P was a great man of God. We had the opportunity to listen to some of his messages and study some of his books. He was a man who lived and left a great legacy for the next generation and he will be remembered in the coming generations. Our prayers are with his family. It's our sincere prayer that God Almighty comfort and console everyone.

Gigi Mathew

We´re going to miss Him... We shall meet over and over again, forever, in Heaven. In the name of Jesus CHRIST.

Luciano M. Tsuda

What I loved about Dr.P was his accessibility. If a student didn't have a conversation with Dr.P while at DTS, it wasn't because he wasn't available; it's because they didn't want to. He was always available for conversation. I have a few Dr.P. stories but here are two:
1) I recall my first year I ran into Dr.P in the cafeteria, and I thought to ask the great Dr.P a question. I asked, "Dr.P. can you tell me something you learned about Jesus today that you didn't know yesterday?" I thought I'd get some really deep and profound thought that would boggle my mind for days. He simply responded, "It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know. If you ask me if I know him better today, I'd say yes! More than that, I love him more today than yesterday. That's really the question...isn't it?" Needless to say, I wasn't expecting that, and I was so convicted.

2) Another cafeteria encounter: It was toward the end of the week and I said, "hey Dr.P, how are you today? Where are you preaching this weekend?" He paused a second and said with such humility, "I am hard pressed to find a place on this planet where I won't be preaching. God has blessed me to teach here for over 50 yrs, and in that time I've taught thousands of students. Now, they are everywhere." He took his tray of food and walked away. In that moment I learned the real definition of leaving a legacy!
Dr.P. - Thanks for being accessible. We'll c u soon!

Warren Neverson

Words don't even work, but I'll try. He has been extremely supportive of me, particularly when I was pastoring in the Dallas area at Scofield Church. He preached one Sunday, got up in the pulpit, and noticing I did not have a Scofield Bible in my hand (never mind that I had half a dozen on my bookshelf), he announced, "I notice the senior pastor of Scofield Memorial Church lacks a Scofield Reference Bible." We all roared. That week I got about six new Scofield Reference Bibles.

One time we had him preach and as he and I were sitting at my table in my office I asked him if there was anything I could get for him. Being moments before we were to go to the worship service, he pounded his fist on the table, looked at me with a gleam in his eye, and said, "The pulpit! Give me the pulpit!"

His Daniel and Revelation class was life changing. His kindness, disarming. His boldness, blended with humility, an amazing example. I could go on and on, but, where would I stop. Dr. P was a God-send for our time, and now . . . at Home.

Matthew R. St. John

Dr. P was my pastor, professor, and personal friend as well as a special friend to my wife and children. When my daughter, Michelle, was first learning to talk she always called him Dr. P
because she couldn't say Pentecost. Dr. P's wisdom, always based upon the Word of God, guided many of my decisions. I enjoyed getting to know him as a father as well when I taught math to his daughter Gwen.
I appreciate all of the tools that he taught me and always admired his overall command of Scripture. I will miss him greatly until I, too, get to glory.

David Babbitt

I was saved in 1972 at GBC under Dr. P, and in 1976 he hired me as church secretary when he was getting ready to leave GBC. Not long afterwards, he asked if I would consider the position of DTS campus hostess! I would have loved that but needed a job with better pay since I was rearing my boys alone. He was such an inspiring perfectionist, no? Knew that BOOK like no other. Bless his heart and Bless his congregation in Heaven!

Beverly J. Weadock

I have several memories of Dr. P, but I'll just share a few.

Dr. P came to Texarkana back in 1984, shortly after we starred our church. We were meeting in a motel. His willingness to come added so much credibility to this odd group of people who were trying to start a church in a motel. After one of those weekends, when we gave him his honorarium check, he asked if we had a building fund. When he heard that we didn't, he handed the check back and said, "now you do."

Shortly after I had accepted the call to come to Texarkana, I visited with him in him in his office. I was 25 and concerned about trying to lead all these "old people" who were in their 30s, 40s, & 50s. He quoted 1 Tim. 4:12 and reminded me that my job was to be an example of the believer.

One more . . . Shortly before starting at DTS, I was in Dallas and playing golf with several of my brothers (who also went to DTS). Two of us got paired up with an AOG Pastor and we had a good time playing together. About half way through the round, the AOG Pastor learned that we were DTS students and he said: "Isn't that where Dwight Pentecostal teaches?" Once after class I told Dr. P that story and then playfully called him Dr. Pentecostal. He didn't laugh.

Richard Hornok

Dr. Pentecost's death is the end of an era. He was one of the greatest Bible teachers of our time. It was a honor to be his colleague at Dallas Seminary for ten years. It is a pure pleasure to give tribute to this great man of God. --Norman L. Geisler

norman geisler

Dear Dr P
You put your money where your mouth was. Your longterm investment continues to be reaping countless dividends among multiple generations.
You loved and served international students. As a recepient of the Dwight J Pentecost award I am one of the grateful beneficiaries of the humble token.
I had been truly blessed when I took your Biblical Covenants course taken decades ago and have been sharing lessons gained when opportunity presents itself.
Thank you for spending time with me when I was in Dallas for ten weeks of sabbatical in 2008. You welcomed me as adjunct professor to sit in your two classes and sessions for personal interaction, plus even a short visit when you were not in tip-top physical condition last year.
Be seeing you again
With Him and for Him
Florence Tan

Florence Tan

As a DTS student in the early 1970s, overhead projectors and white boards were the latest in teaching aids and were present in each classroom in the then new Academic Center. One day while teaching from his well-worn Bible, Dr. P smilingly assured us "there will be no overheads in heaven!" On another occasion he laughingly informed us that, as Pastors, "all you will need is a Bible and a set of golf clubs." Godly scholarship, godly fellowship -- what an impactful combination!

Bruce Rulapaugh

By God's grace and His leading, I think I was the first Chinese student from Mainland China graduated from DTS. I enjoyed his teaching, and a classmate brought me to Dr. P's Grace Bible Church. I was doubly blessed by his pastoral ministry. When I decided to become a missionary, Dr. P's Grace Bible Church contributed a large sum to our support. I am grateful to him for sending out a non-Caucasian to carry the Gospel overseas. I am forever thankful to him for his world vision in missions.

Franklin Lee

Querido Hermano, se encuentra Ud. ahora, gozando de la Presencia de nuestro Señor. Gracias por su ministerio, que nos trajo tantas enseñanzas de riqueza biblíca, ciertamente el mundo es mucho más pobre sin su lúcida exposición. Salud!!!

Pedro Idiart

Had him for serveral classes. What I remember most is that he didn't used notes. After the class started he'd walk back and forth as we soaked in all in.

We had a student dinner time with him and his wife during my last year around graduation time. I still remember that evening from 1979 or 1980.

David Vohar

The Life of Christ and Daniel and Revelation with Dr P were two of the great highlights of my time at DTS. I never saw anyone speak and teach without a single note. He was amazing and glorified God with each word and act. I know he is happy in heaven. Job well done!

Linda Aland-McMenamy

In 1979, prior to coming to DTS, the church I served at as a youth pastor had Dr. Pentecost in as a guest and we hosted an open house at our home. He was fairly quiet, but he was curious about a clock we had. I didn't think much of it until I read his bio and his interest in antique clocks. I somehow managed to graduate without ever having him as a professor, but I well remember visiting a chapel a few years ago and there he was, listening to the speaker, and still seemingly learning. He was a good man.

Stan Giles

Dr. P became my major professor because he demonstrated such a comprehensive graspe of the whole Bible . . . Old and New Testament. As a result, I made sure that I was able to take every one of his classes to gain his role model. He further challenged me to write my Th.M theis on the Arguement of I Thessalonians which became an approach that I used throughout my years of expository preaching. I would go to Pine Cove and outline and chart a whole book before beginning sermon preparation. In my last conversation with me, Dr. P sought me out when meeting with Dr. Toussaint one day. He shared his personal joys and talked about being able to become Poppa P to students' children in his DTS apartment.
Back in the 60's and 70's when the school was small, Dr. P and the old guard professors touched our lives personally as much as they contributed academically.
Jim Schierling Th.M 69 D.Min. 86

Jim Schierling

I had Dr.P for Daniel and Revelation. He would come to class with just his Bible tucked up under his arm and proceed to teach amazing content without notes. At times he would weep over the text. I realized that the content had been written upon his heart. I have often prayed to be so moved by the Scriptures.

Rick Pierson, Th.M '82, Campus Pastor, The Compass Church, Naperville, IL

How priviledged I was to have had him as a teacher for so many of the courses at DTS. Many of those courses were required but when I had the choice I would many times choose his class.

I do remember when the seminary installed OHP's in all of the classrooms. It was a class on a book of the Bible and he was a little behind in where he wanted to be. In order to save time he decided to try this new piece of equipment. He said "I will put the outline up on the screen so you can copy it while I continue." He took the page out of his notes and laid it on the OHP and turn on the bulb. Turning around and seeing black square on the screen, he turned it off and put the paper back in his notes. I will never forget his words--"If you can't teach get a gadget!!" I am sure that through the years he made excellent use of visuals but as a teacher his clear use of words and explanations made the subject vivid and clear.

Bob Barber

Always ended class with "GO". It was an honor to have Dr. P for two classes. I won't ever forget when we got to partake in his 98th birthday celebration in class. Thank you for your service Dr. Pentecost!

Jorge Fraige

I received a call from Mrs. Julie Fuller last night and was saddened to hear of the passing of our dear Dr. Dwight Pentecost into the God’s glory. I did not sleep well due to the loss of an esteemed professor, a beloved friend and my spiritual mentor. A number of professors at Dallas Seminary have impacted my study at DTS and Dr. P was most instrumental.
In 2002 at the invitation of a DTS grad, Dr. King She, I sat in Dr. P’s “Life of Christ” class and was deeply impressed as I noticed our aged prof walked in, opened his Bible and started lectured without notes and the class came alive with Jesus’ words and work. Over the years, I gradually came to realize Dr. P was a humble and godly man. Not only did he know the 66 Bible books extremely well, he was able to apply theology systematically, linking all 66 pearls by threads of Christ’s unchanging truth. Once, my wife Donna questioned Dr. P how could know and memorize the Scriptures so well? He replied by saying -- all due to unceasing appetite, daily study and application of God’s holy words. I must confessed some of the academic questions Dr. P posed in class could be intimidating and challenging to his student body. One may not completely agree with his theology, but Dr. P could joke and state, “if you don’t agree with me and want to fight, let’s us do it after class and I will take off my jacket and entertain you!” There was a moment of silence and then laugh permeated through the student body! Truly, deep underneath this godly man was God’s stream of truth, oozing and flowing out from Jesus Christ--the fountain head origin. Since the first day in Dr. P’s class my life have changed, I decided to stop by the Registrar and besides becoming a student body, was privileged to sit in every course Dr. P had taught. Not only was I able to learn and grow spiritually, I was able to take root into God’s words. I made up my mind -- if only I can learn one-tenth of what this man possessed, my life and others would be different.
Dr. P’s enjoyed fellowship with his students. He often said, “Eating is one of the most intimidate fellowship among fellow Christians”. I recalled twice in each semester I would initiate to take him and several fellow seminarians out to Chinese banquets/buffets/hibachis. All of us were quick to notice his self-sufficiency --what he enjoyed and exactly liked, how much he wanted on his plates and which buffet stops he frequented most! You will be surprise how many helpings he can consume!
Many folks ventured into teaching as a career, but only thousands of them came out to be “teachers”. Some “eventually” succeeded in communicating their skill, knowledge and values to students, whereas only a limited number were effective communicators, honorable teachers, and who are able to impact, touch lives and inspire their student/followers to life-long devotion for Christ, with unceasing love for the Bible and lasting ministries. Our beloved Dr. Dwight Pentecost exemplified, championed and belongs to this latter distinguished category. Thank you Lord for sending such a wonderful gift to Dallas Theological Seminary -- a “Teacher of all Generations”「萬世師表 」[in Chinese].
Glory to God in the Highest!

Raymond Y. Lam
2008 MABS

Raymond Y Lam

I don't know what Dr. P's final words were here on earth. But, I think it is very possible that he offered the same bold charge that he gave at the end of every class. After he had finished teaching, he would pray and close his bible. Then he would scan the room with his twinkling eyes, and say, "Go."

"Go." One word. Two little letters. On any given day, it could mean, "Go get to work on your studies." Or, "Go be with your family." Or, "Go enjoy lunch so I can too!" (Dr. P always enjoyed fellowship over lunch). But, if you were listening... really listening... not just to Dr. P's teaching but more importantly to the life of this extraordinary servant of God, you could hear instruction that would fill volumes on living life with Christ.

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus says, "Go therefore and make disciples..." Dr. Dwight Pentectost fulfilled that Great Commission... in me. He taught me how to love the Lord and His Word. Thank you Dr. P.

Lord, thank You for your precious servant, Dr. P.
To You be the honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

Kristen Youmans

It was a privilege. Thank you, Dr. P.

beth rice stanley

any theological question i had during my four years in seminary could be answered by Dr. P during lunch time!

Nick Bergqusit

We had the privilege of living across the hall from this great man of God. I took one course from Dr. P, but it was online. Dr. P taught through the Gospels from the Sea of Galilee. I remember daily passing him on the way to and from class, walking slowly but steadily. In person he had a gentle spirit and was soft-spoken (at least to me). So, I'll never forget the first time I heard Dr. P speak from the pulpit at chapel. It was during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Rita, September 2005. Several displaced people were being cared for at Reunion Arena. Slowly Dr. P walked up to the pulpit. And then out of this frail, aging body came this booming voice. I'll never forget it. Dr. P cried out to the students, "Get out of the library and go help these people!" Dr. P, you were an incredible fixture on the DTS campus. You shared that you always threw away your sermon notes because you wanted to come to the Scriptures fresh each time you preached and taught. I thank God that I was able to know you. May my life be half as influential as yours for the Kingdom!

Adam Landrum

Precious Dr. P taught me wonderful truths of Bible exposition. He also encouraged me more than words can describe. He sat b

Jim Rosscup

Dr."P"mentored me as a child of God.The "key" quote he taught me that changed my life,"Do right according to the WORD of GOD and then God becomes obligated to put HIS will in our path."He(Dr.P) was a walking talking perfect example!

Charles A.Whipple

I don't know of anyone else who impacted my life or my ministry like Dr.Pentecost. I have never encountered anyone who knew God more personally or God's Word more thoroughly.I had Dr.P. for several Bible Exposition classes but perhaps benefited the most from Life Of Christ.
His Bible exposition skills were unmatched and his theology was consistently integrated both into the classroom and everyday experience.
I thank God for allowing me to sit under his teaching and his influence.His mark is indelibly impressed in my life.He set me on a ministry path of Bible exposition. I am very grateful.

Dennis Mock

I have some wonderful memories of Dr. P from a class he taught on the Biblical Covenants. I was at first impressed with how he could teach such detailed subjects, in such an organized, logical and thorough manner, with only a copy of the Scriptures before him and not a single page of notes. I took pages of notes that actually made sense afterwards! But I was even more impressed by his obvious love for the Savior. I am indebted to Dr. P for conveying to us a commitment to scholarship along with a passion for God! I look forward to seeing him again one day in the presence of our Lord! Grateful for your impact in my life, Ron Hoffmann Thanks Dr. P! and our prayers are with your children and family.

Ron Hoffmann

Dr. P was very special to me and my family. He was my prof but he was also very special to my family. He discovered that my wife, Helen, was a fabulous cook so he took speaking engagements wherever I was teaching--Minneapolis, California, Florida . . . and he would stay at our house so he could enjoy Helen's cooking. We developed a wonderful friendship. What an example Dr. P was to all of us--a spiritual man and a humble man--and a man who knew the Scriptures and was committed to the Scriptures. I thank the Lord that my family and I were able to know him and fellowship with him.

Paul Enns

We visited campus when are first daughter was two. Dr. P was in his office and we enjoyed a nice visit. As we prepared to leave, he lifted Amy onto a chair, knelt down in front of her, each engaging in serious eye contact. Finally, he looked up at me, and said. "She will grow up to be a strong, good woman." He was right! Thanks Dr. P for all you did - and were.

Bill Horst (Class of 66)

I saw Dr. P. as a strong pillar for my life's calling. Because of him and his writtings I came to DTS and because of HGH's personal challenge I stayed and finished at DTS. I thank you God for the life of your servant. Grant unto his family and friends comfort and your abiding peace that he is now in the arms of Jesus the Christ Who anchored him to the shores of heaven. Thank You God for the gift of your dear child.

Will Langstaff

As a teenager I was part of the founding congregation of Grace Bible Church led by Dr. Lewis Johnson and Dr. Dwight Pentecost. It was there that I began my spiritual journey to become deeply rooted in the Word of God. This eventuality led me and my wife to Irian Jaya/West Papua to bring God's Word to a primitive stone age people with the awesome privilege of seeing over 5000 come to a personal faith in Christ and be baptized! Thank you Dr. Pentecost for being an important part of this God's work.

Gary Fowler

My heart smiles as I cherish the memory of my favorite professor. Though his teaching exemplified every facet of the fruit of the Spirit, his name is posted as my first definition of kindness.

Davis Kuykendall

Several years ago I was considering taking "The Words and Works of Jesus Christ" taught by Dr. P. Before Chapel started, I asked three people around me if they had ever taken the course. One said, "It is the best course I have ever taken." The second said, "It was so good, I am going to take it again." and the third said simply, "It changed my life."
I took Dr. P's course and it lived up to its billing!

Wayne Clark

I give The Lord Jesus praise for this mans life. I live in West Virginia and watch Dr Pentecost's messages online. Thank You Lord Jesus.

Forrest Marshall

Dr. P gave our class on The Book of Revelation such insight that for the first time I felt I had the tools to understand it. Those insight and guidance have stayed with me for over 40 years. Thank You!!!!

Tom Schoeneck, '74

Thanks, Dr. P for a life well lived.

Jonathan Fickley

"His eye was undimmed, and his vigor unabated" -Deuteronomy 34:7. It is so with the best of us.

Tommy Bosworth

In his class on Revelation, Dr. P was trying to explain the chronology of the judgments. He always sat at his desk with no notes - just his Bible. There were a number of questions, so he decided to go to the board on the wall to illustrate. It was a big deal as we had never seen him use visual aids before. As he took the colored pen and tried to take the cap off of it, it fell to the floor as his knuckles his the slick board. I could not help myself. i said out loud, "Prof, you have to take training to be able to use these new visual aid tools." He stood with his back to us, shrugging his shoulder. His ears were turning red. Then he grabbed the eraser, turned around and threw it right at me. The class howled as the bell rang ending the class. We all left thinking we had seen the greatest thing. Then I heard a voice, "Mr. Maronge." I thought I was in real trouble. He then said to me, "I want to apologize for throwing that eraser." I could not believe it. I said, "Dr. P., would you autograph it for me." He was a brilliant scholar, and a humble servant of God. What a privilege to have known him as a teacher and a friend.

George Maronge Jr

Dr. P was a beloved teacher an a close friend. He ministered in Spain with me in two occasions. His ministry is remembered by many. God used him for the edification of many believers here. He influenced me more than any other teacher that I had during my years of training. Both my family and I will miss Dr. P. Will see you soon in glory, Dr. P.

Evis L. Carballosa

Dr. P was my teacher in 3 subjects and one major lesson I learned from him which indelibly impacted my life of serving the Lord is to never feed the flock with "recycled food."
He emphasized the need to deliver freshly gathered truths from daily meditating on God's Word "in the garden" with Lord.


Dr P has gone home! I have dreaded this day for ages. The cost of him being "with Christ" is that he is no longer "with us". Dr P first touched my life 45 years ago on his first of many visits to New Zealand. Expositor and theologian par excellence, a wonderful mentor for 40 years, a dear, generous and faithful friend. He taught the Scriptures with incredible clarity and a genuine authority. He lived his life with unbelievable integrity. Without question he was one of the "king-pins" in those halcyon days at DTS. Thanks Dr P for all you taught me, for investing in my education, for those endless long-distance telephone conversations over the years and for your lovely friendship that spanned a generation! Every class you taught was a smorgasbord of Biblical insights.
Every conversation dripped exquisite insights. With deep love and abiding gratitude "In my fathers house are many mansions"...I hope mine is somewhere close to yours!
Geoff Smith, Auckland New Zealand.

Geoff Smith

During our time at DTS we were blessed by the ministry of Luke's Closet, and over time, came to serve there as well as be served. I'll never forget learning how to alter blazers and suit coats because Dr. P and his wife were sitting there, saying, 'Well, this is how you do it,' and just explaining it like it was the most ordinary thing in the world [coat and tie was the dress code then, and many students didn't have the resources to go out and buy a blazer or suit]. I can't remember how she put it, but Mrs. Pentecost made it very clear that she was more of the iron-er than the alter-er, that the majority of the job was done by her dear husband. I was never in a class with Dr. P nor have I ever read any of his writing. But I read about how to be a servant just in watching Dr. P serve with his wife in a small, behind-the-scenes way. That's an example of reflecting his Savior's character I'll never forget.

Donna McDonnel

Had the inestimable privilege of taking the 1st of 4 courses from Dr. P. in Holiday, FL in 1990 (even tho am a native Texan from Austin). Dr. P's daughter Jane & son-in-law Frank Fenby lived in nearby Tampa, so Dr. P visited often. Soon after 1990, what was then the Tampa Bay Theological Seminary campus became the 1st Extension Campus of DTS! With the not-so-small influence of Dr. P, I sat very happily under his spell-binding teaching for 3 more courses - 1 of which was at the DTS main campus in Dallas, graduating there w/ a MABS in 1995. Dr. P on that stool with his Bible are indelible memories, & it truly was a joy to write papers for him, 3 of which became book sizes! He had such kind eyes, and yet at the same time blazing eyes of discernment. It seemed he could see right thru me, but because of Christ's love & acceptance through him, that proved very inspiring. Will also never forget how he had his office door always open, welcoming everyone! This dear, precious servant of the Lord will be greatly missed. God bless you both, Jane & Frank, especially at this time. Nancy

Nancy Smith (Smitz) Norvell, Austin, TX

...taking Dr. P's Life of Christ class in 98' and he announced that was his 50th year of teaching that class. No wonder he didn't need any notes to teach from...each day he simply brought and opened his Bible and taught us about the Son of God.

Ben AAveritt

In 2004 my wife and I thought that we should hear Dr. P in the classroom as long as it is possible. He then was 89. That one class lead to 4 more classes I took and enjoyed immensely. Dr. P. shaped my thinking about the Bible and theology more than anyone else during my DTS years. He is still with me as I teach students from 10 different countries at the WOL Hungary Bible School, passing many things learned from him.
And here is a story: Dr. P's love for good food was proverbial in the Swiss Tower. Our one-time invitation to come to our place on the 9th floor for Hungarian gulash soup lead to regular Goulash nights... Though he was in his early nineties those years, on the way up he always used the stairs and the elevator only downstairs.

Laci Kadar

I use to sit in the very front row in order not to be distracted by anything or anyone when Dr. P. taught. He would just bring his Bible and the rest was in his head that he communicated through a heart-felt passion for God's Word. One of the greatest men of God I have ever met and was priviledged to sit under to learn God's Word. I will see you again Dr. P.

René A. López

It was just after the performance of a play i had written and performed at the faculty staff Christmas dinner and Dr. P came over to me with tears in his eyes, took my hand and said "I get it." It was a staggering moment of acknowledgment for me. I was humbled and honored beyond measure. tat moment was one of the reasons I never quit writing or performing. His classes, his class and his sincere passion for what he believed - Thank you Dr. P - you will be missed.

Michael Klumpp

Dr. P arrived in Brazil to be the special week-long speaker at a seminary. On the trip from the airport to the campus, he asked the planners, "So, which book of the Bible do you want me to speak on this week?" It didn't matter to him. He knew them all without need for notes or additional preparation.

Rick Griffith

Enjoyed his writings and commentary on God's holy word....


I have been blessed to sit under some of the greatest Bible teachers in the world, but I will say that I learned more systematic theology from J. Dwight Pentecost than any other person in my lifetime. I used to sit in my seminary apartment and gaze across St. Joseph Street, just waiting for his office light to come on. I know he had to get sick of me coming in, day-after-day, literally for hours on end, and he patiently answered every single question I posed to him. He never opened his Bible, he'd just quote it verse by verse. Rest in Peace Dr. Pentecost! My years in Dallas would have been worth it if all I had were those days with you!

Steve Willis

While in seminary i always bumped into Dr P by the elevators On my way back into Swiss towers from the laundry with my hands filled with my clothes on hangers, I always knew I was going to get a lovely greeting from Dr P and a comment on why I had so much shirts which always end up in laughter. He was such a charming warm father figure. Seeing him always made me pray that in my old age, I would still find connection with the younger generation. Not only that, he left us great materials for ministry. Rest in peace Dr P.

Adebola Ajagunna

Dr. P was the DTS professor I ever met in person, well, um, I didn't actually meet him up close. But I did attend his lecture while still in Manila, Philippines, in, I think, 1990. He was doing a lecture at Grace Gospel Church in Sta. Mesa. That was my first DTS lecture, and one of several factors that led to my attending Dallas a few years later.

Frank Tan

My father passed away in 2003 while I was taking Dr. P's Life of Christ. Throughout my dad's cancer treatments and after his death, Dr. P went out of his way to find me in the halls and at my office desk to see if I was doing ok. He was a giant of the faith and he cared for his students.

Robert Riggs

Two stories come to mind:
Dr. P invited Mary and me over for dinner. He grilled a steak for each of us and we had a wonderful meal. While eating I noticed that he loved old clocks (one of my hobbies). He calls them "living antiques,” because they still move, but are old. One clock caught my eye, a clock made completely of wood –gears and all. He noticed my interest and promptly picked up a stool, took it to the clock, stood on it and promptly took it completely apart. As I stood flabbergasted, I was certain he could not put it back together again. He simply smiled and said “just watch.” He reassembled the clock and it ran perfectly. “That’s how it’s done, Waters,” he concluded to my amazement.

Another was when I was a PhD student taking a Bible Class from him. He would hand out a number of questions for us to answer and bring to class for discussion the next day. I stayed up most of the night, wanting to impress one of my long time heroes. The next day, as he went around the table, asking each of the students to share their answers, I noticed that he had only one book, his English Bible. When it came my turn to share my “wisdom” I gave him everything I had prepared in about 3 min. As was his habit, he began to push his chair back and forth in a rocking motion staring at me intently. He looked down at his Bible and ask, “What about this verse, Waters? What does such and such a word mean and how does it add to the argument?” He succeeded in asking a question I never even thought would be possible. With a twinkle in his eyes, he said, “Work a little harder next time.” I didn’t know at the time, but the twinkle meant he was pleased, but just wanted me to know I didn’t have all the answers. His love really was evident in his teaching.
I will truly miss you Dr. P
Larry Waters

Larry Waters

I had the privilege of taking the last class he ever taught, last semester. It was, of course, "The Life of Christ." I will always remember how he would tear up talking about knowing and loving the Father, through the knowledge of the Son. He had a passionate love for God and his gospel even in his 99th year of life. A real treasure.

David Smith

Dr. P once showed me a quarto-sized edition of the Textus Receptus that he owned. It had previously belonged, I believe, to F. J. A. Hort, and was bequeathed to B. F. Westcott upon Hort's death. Dr. P got it when the college he was teaching at closed its doors. He will be deeply missed. A man of God who knew the text!

Daniel B. Wallace

My favorite sermon he spoke in chapel was The King is coming, where he related his experience with the President of DTS (Dr. Bailey) giving him a surprise visit to his new apartment in Swiss Tower. How he kept everything clean and tidy because the President might be coming...and the joke ended with him saying to everyone including Bailey that he was still waiting for him to show up. That was the first time I had heard him speak and I remember it like it was yesterday. He is now with His King. We loved Dr. P.

Jeffrey Welskopf

For years I have made a point of regularly dropping into Dr. P's office with his open door policy. Whether I had something to ask him or not I just wanted to gather any wisdom he was willing to share! However, I found that Dr P could be intimidating even after many years of knowing him. As chairman of our BE department meetings, in recent years, I would make a proposal and immediately glance at him to see if he was smiling! (He usually was because he was all behind whatever we could do for teaching the Bible to our students.) He was still concerned and wanting to teach to the very end. What a privilege to learn and serve with a unique man of God. I remember once when someone was criticizing Dr. P scholarship because he had not consulted the latest books on the topic, thinking "but he has consulted the Bible in a way few people can do!" He had an amazing grasp of the entire Scriptures.

Stephen Bramer

He knew his prophecy. He knew the Word. His God given ability to articulate in book and pulpit made things to come clear, most logical, and very refreshing amidst the eschatological fog of our time. God bless his memory!

Steve Sorensen, ThM '87

He was a great man and a wonderful Bible teacher. I have two fond memories of him.

First, it was a privilege to have him come to Wildwood Community Church a number of years ago for a Bible conference.

Second, as I was finishing up my Th.M, I made sure to audit every one of Dr. P's courses I could. I wanted to jam in all the biblical perspective I could before I left.

He indeed finished well!!

Bruce A. Hess

We lived next door to Dr. P during our 4 yeasrs at Swiss Tower. He was a friend of all the children in the building. When my 5 yr old received a small trampoline we asked her who she wanted to invite to jump with her, she said without hesitation, "Dr. P"!

Abraham Joseph

His writings inspired my research, and he read my dissertation—what an honor that I will always love him for. Things To Come was the first DTS-authored book I read and I owned. And what a great heart of compassion he had, particularly for the international students at Dallas. He taught as he lived: with faithfulness, with accuracy, and with honor.

Gene Pond

The Life of J. Dwight Pentecost

Article by Karen Giesen. Editorial assistance provided by Steven Smith and Sandra Glahn. 

The stool in front of the classroom is empty. Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost, the unflappable distinguished professor of Bible Exposition emeritus who always began class precisely on time by taking his students before God’s throne of grace is now face to face with the Savior. He passed into glory four days after his ninety-ninth birthday.

When Dr. P, as he is affectionately called on the DTS campus, fell and broke his femur in December 2012, he missed class for the first time in sixty-five years. Less than three months after surgery and physical therapy, he was sitting on his stool again, teaching—as he always did—with only a Bible, no notes. Doing so, he said, kept him studying the text for fresh insights. Six months after he returned, doctors diagnosed him with malignant tumors on both sides of his neck. But he kept on teaching.

Dr. Pentecost first amazed and enlightened students at Philadelphia Bible Institute for eight years. He taught at Dallas Theological Seminary for fifty-eight more. He was still teaching his signature course, “The Life of Christ on Earth,” during the fall 2014 semester. Fortunately, the course was videotaped on location in Israel in 1985. According to Dr. Reg Grant who assisted with that project, the Seminary wanted to capture that course on tape since Dr. P, seventy years old at the time, “was getting along in years.” In the summer of 2003, that video became the basis of DTS’s first online course. And for the past decade, the “Life of Christ” class has provided students across the world with the opportunity to learn from Dr. Pentecost himself.

God’s path led the professor steadily from his staunch Presbyterian home in Pennsylvania, where he was born in 1915, through conservative Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. And in a last-minute change of plans complete with intercessory phone calls to Dallas two weeks before the beginning of the1937 fall term, he matriculated into the twelve-year-old school that had just been renamed “Dallas Theological Seminary.” President Lewis Sperry Chafer led a faculty of eight part-time teachers. Dr. Pentecost once recalled, “When I got here, I learned that I was student number one hundred. So I have always thought that Dr. Chafer would have taken a Shepherd dog to reach that number.”

The discipline that provided the foundation for Dr. P’s ministry began early. Following conferral of his ThM, he said the last thing he would do after graduation was teach. But, as he later declared, “Knowing him is living; serving him is living; preaching him is living.”

To retain his proficiency in Greek, theology, and Bible, he set aside two hours each morning, separate from sermon preparation, for review and further study in those fields. He continued this practice even when his pastoral duties expanded.

The young pastor’s second church located him near Philadelphia with a part-time position at Philadelphia Bible Institute. That assignment, particularly during the raging debate over the end times, convinced him to return to DTS for additional study. As he completed his doctorate in theology, then-president Dr. John F. Walvoord invited him to join the Dallas Seminary faculty, where he served until his death.

From 1958 through 1973, he served concurrently as senior pastor of Grace Bible Church in North Dallas. There the children lovingly called out “P” and ran to him for a hug. Their horrified parents insisted they could not call him “P” and suggested “Dr. P” Because many of those parents were Seminary students, the nickname quickly caught on at the school as well.

For years, Dr. P volunteered weekly at Luke’s Closet, a ministry that provides donated clothes free to DTS students. In the days when all students were men and were required to wear ties to class, he reasoned that “some of the young men who come in are uncomfortable with a woman assisting them.” More than once, he helped a graduating student select a suit, took it home for his wife, Dorothy, to alter, and returned it to the man to wear when he preached at a prospective pastorate the following Sunday.

Dorothy served by his side for sixty-two years, and after her death in 2001, Dr. P described losing a mate as the hardest thing any man could endure. The Pentecosts had two daughters, one of whom, Gwen, died ten years later. The Pentecosts’ elder daughter, DTS graduate Jane Fenby, survives, along with two grandchildren (both married).

A year after Dorothy’s death, DTS’s Swiss Tower student residence hall opened on campus. At the special invitation of the Seminary board, Dr. Pentecost became the hall’s first occupant. And with the influx of student families, Dr. P. became honorary grandfather and great-grandfather to hundreds. Those friendships led to a broadening worldwide communication network of former students who stayed constantly in touch with Dr. P by email, Skype, and a Facebook page filled with photos. 

He often opened his apartment to his neighbors, and when he did so, they noticed that its rugs, antiques, paintings, clocks, and photographs reflected his artistry, his personality, and his worldwide ministry. The antiques dated to the time when he could afford to furnish his home only by finding cast-off pieces, sometimes literally in pieces, and refurbishing them. Through that experience he became knowledgeable about old furniture and skillful at restoration. Dr. P also learned to repair clocks. He kept each set at a slightly different time so that on the hour the chimes moved successively through the rooms.

The art on his walls reflected exquisite taste, diligent study, and years of collecting. His photographs revealed his love for the Creator and, again, the eye of an artist. His departure leaves an empty place in the hospitality of Swiss Tower.

And Dr. P. was not only hospitable—he was generous. President Mark Bailey recalled how, as dean, he doubled the dollar-per-year stipend of the “retired” distinguished professor. After Dr. Bailey doubled the pay again the next year, Dr. P. called a halt, saying, “Enough is enough.”

Chancellor Chuck Swindoll loved to tease Dr. P. Growing wistful, Dr. Swindoll said, “The wonderful thing that I know—because I served as a sort of learner on his staff many years ago—is that behind the scenes he was everything you would wish him to be and see him to be in public. He was a man of remarkable depth and incredible commitment to Christ.”

Dr. Ron Allen, a fellow professor in the Bible Exposition department, recalled, “It was when I, as a college student, read his massive work on biblical eschatology, Things to Come, that I decided to enroll as a student at Dallas Seminary in 1964. Clearly this book—this man—changed my life! He lived an amazing life, teaching students who now serve the Lord across the globe.”

Dr. Pentecost completed Things to Come in 1957. Though he wrote twenty-one books in all, the one on eschatology is the one for which he was best known. Endorsing it, Dr. Walvoord wrote, “Dr. Pentecost has with rare skill dealt with many controversial issues, has met and solved many prophetic problems, and has provided in large measure the substance of the prophetic Word in systematic and theological form.” Walvoord could have been describing the man as well as his first book. The volume, which began as Dr. P’s doctoral dissertation, has been in continuous publication since 1958, having sold more than 215,000 copies.

Dr. P loved knowing that every week he taught in all fifty states and most countries in the world—through the DTS graduates he had discipled. In his words, his was “not a ministry of doing it, but a ministry of multiplication through those I’m privileged to share the Word with.”

When his department chair asked, “Do you want to continue teaching?” Dr. P answered, “Yes, until the Lord says ‘come home.’”

Today the stool and the earthly home are empty, but Dr. P is home. Seeing Him is living.