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Contact Information

Alexander Gonzales

Associate Professor of Bible Exposition

BS, UC Los Angeles, 1983; STM, Old Testament Studies, DTS, 2006; MDiv, Western Seminary, 1986; PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2012

Dr. Gonzales has spent twenty years teaching English around the world—in London, Guadalajara, Cochabamba (Bolivia), Tokyo, and Tainan (Taiwan). The former Dallas Baptist University and Liberty University professor enjoys reading, writing, and running. A former member of the UCLA track team and former school record holder (1,500 meter event), he also loves to run and was involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes ministry for many years. Dr. Gonzales and his wife, Deedy, have two adult children.

Courses Taught

  • BE101 - Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics
  • BE102 - Old Testament History I
  • BE103 - OT History II & Poetry
  • BE104 - OT Prophets
  • BE105 - The Gospels
  • BE106 - Acts & Pauline Epistles
  • BE107 - Hebrews, General Epistles, & Revelation
  • BE109 - Ruth, Psalms, Jonah, & Selected Epistles
  • BE445 - The Gospel of John


Academic Interests

Bilingual education
Point of view in biblical narrative