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Contact Information
TODD 303

Charles P. Baylis

Professor of Bible Exposition

BSE., University of Michigan, 1970; MBA, Eastern Michigan University, 1978; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1985; ThD, 1989.

Dr. Baylis has taught Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary for over 20 years. His love is teaching the biblical story and the literary exposition of each of the books as they contribute to the grand narrative of the Bible. Following this focus, his website,, provides study and teaching resources for the evangelical community. In addition, he serves as a preacher, conference speaker, and Bible teacher and is author of a number of articles for journals as well as a book contributor. When he is not speaking or writing, he enjoys exploring the biblical sites in Israel, Greece, Turkey, and Italy.

Courses Taught

  • BE5102 - Old Testament History I
  • BE5103 - OT History II & Poetry
  • BE5104 - OT Prophets
  • BE5105 - The Gospels
  • BE5106 - Acts & Pauline Epistles
  • BE5107 - Hebrews, General Epistles, & Revelation
  • BE5109 - Ruth, Psalms, Jonah, & Selected Epistles
  • BE5201 - The Story of Scripture: Genesis to Revelation
  • BE5405 - Exposition of Genesis
  • BE5430 - Sermon on the Mount
  • BE5505 - The Kingdom & Covenants


Academic Interests

Narrative and epistolary study of the books of the Bible
the biblical story

Personal Interests

Family activities
Local church activities
Exploring biblical sites

DTS Voice Videos

The Bodily Resurrection: the Glorious, but Neglected, Hope of the Biblical Story
The Calming of the Storm: About Jesus or About You?
The Elder Son
The Ten Lepers
The Story of the Lost Son (Luke 15:11-32)
The Raising of Lazarus and the Bodily Resurrection

Journal Articles

  • "Naomi in the Book of Ruth in Light of the Mosaic Covenant." Bibliotheca Sacra (161:644). 2004. 413-31.
  • "The Meaning of Walking "In the Darkness" (1 John 1:6)." Bibliotheca Sacra (149:594). 1992. 214-22.
  • "Repentance in the Book of Acts in Light of Deuteronomy 30:1-6." Michigan Theological Journal (1:1). 1990. 19-34.
  • "The Woman Caught in Adultery : A Test of Jesus As the Greater Prophet." Bibliotheca Sacra (146:582). 1989. 171-84.