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TODD 212

David K. Lowery

Senior Professor of New Testament Studies

BA, The King’s College, 1971; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1975; PhD, University of Aberdeen, 1987; postdoctoral study, Tübingen University.

Dr. Lowery has been involved in church planting and ministry for over three decades in Vermont and Texas. He and his wife, Deb, have three children, who attended DTS and married classmates. All six are graduates of the seminary. He and Deb also have seven grandchildren. He serves as an elder in a church (EFCA) pastored by one son and is writing a commentary on Matthew with another son. Their son-in-law and daughter are staff members at a church (PCA) in Tennessee.
Dr. Lowery has contributed to the New American Standard Bible and the NET Bible. He has taught in Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. His particular areas of focus in the New Testament are Matthew, Mark, and Paul’s letters.

Courses Taught

  • NT103 - Intermediate Greek
  • NT104 - Introduction to New Testament Exegesis
  • NT105 - Exegesis of Romans
  • NT113 - New Testament Introduction
  • NT210 - Rapid Greek Reading
  • BS1002 - NT Backgrounds
  • NT1001 - History of NT Interp & Crit
  • NT1002 - NT Theology


Academic Interests

backgrounds of early Christianity

Personal Interests



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DTS Voice Articles

Journal Articles

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  • "Becoming All Things." Moody (July-August). 2001. 30-34.
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