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Contact Information
Walvoord 321

C. Gary Barnes

Professor of Biblical Counseling

BS, Cornell University, 1977; MS, Mankato State University, 1978; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1983; EdM, Columbia University, 1991; MPhil, 1994; PhD, 1995.

Dr. Barnes is an ordained minister and a licensed psychologist who specializes in
marriage and family research, counseling, and training. After graduating from DTS he served as an assistant pastor for seven years. While in the New York area he was a research project coordinator at NYU Medical Center’s Family Studies Clinic and later completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship through Parkland Hospital (Dallas) and the Child Guidance Clinics of Dallas and Texoma. His great celebrations of life are his wife, four adult kids plus three more by marriage, nine grandkids, and bicycle racing.

Courses Taught

  • BC5101 - Pastoral Counseling
  • BC5235 - Social & Cultural Foundations
  • BC5245 - Appraisal & Assessment Techniques
  • BC5270 - Family Systems
  • BC5280 - Group Counseling
  • BC5305 - Counseling and Ethics Practicum I
  • BC5505 - Family Research and Assessment
  • BC5621 - Sexual Educator Certification I
  • DM7103 - Applied Research Project
  • DM7605 - Select Topics of Nurture Issues in Today's Ministry
  • DM7645 - Biblical Conflict Resolution I
  • BC5622 - Sexual Educator Certification II
  • BC5623 - Sexual Educator Certification III


Academic Interests

Integration of theology and psychology
marriage & family
human sexuality

Personal Interests

Bicycle racing

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DTS Voice Articles

Journal Articles

  • "Christian PREP: The Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program." Marriage & Family: A Christian Journal (7). 2006. 63-76.
  • "A Marriage Made in Heaven: How the Significance of Marriage Can be Taught." Issues in Christian Education (38:3). 2004. 20-25.
  • "Stopping the Burnout Progression." The Commentary: Association of Evangelical Ministers Quarterly (1:3). 2002.
  • "Use Conflict as a Catalyst: Communication in Marriage." Kindred Spirit (23:2). 1999.
  • "Can Biblical Counseling and Psychological Counseling Somehow Fit Together?”." Kindred Spirit (22:4). 1998.