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Jenna Barbieri

Front Lines

Moody Bible Institute, BA, Bible Secondary Education, 2016; Dallas Theological Seminary, ThM, Spiritual Formation, Current Student

Hi y’all! Thanks for checking out our Team Admissions page. All of us here would love to help you as you consider seminary, education at DTS, and degree programs – we know that these decisions can be frustrating and overwhelming, and we want to make your decision-process as smooth as possible! I’d love to chat with you and try to guide you as you consider seminary, DTS, and how God might be leading you as you seek to serve Him.

I’m currently immersed in Bible, theology, language, and ministry courses as I pursue the ThM here at DTS, and I’m loving it! I’m the third generation in my family to study at DTS, and it’s such a blessing to study at the school and with the professors that my parents and grandfather loved so much. DTS has equipped and served my family as they’ve sought to serve the Lord in various ways, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be here, training for my own path of service to God. DTS has been the right fit for my family for generations, and I hope that it is for you, too!

I made the decision to move far away from my family after college because I know that DTS is an excellent seminary and was the right choice for me with my calling, gifting, and passions. It’s been everything I imagined, and more, and I’m so grateful to be here, learning under humble, godly men and women and growing in my relationship with the Lord and love for His Word as I study. As you consider God’s leading and how He has specifically equipped and shaped you, I urge you to consider DTS as where He might me leading you!