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Contact Information

Jennifer Brooks

Adjunct Professor in Educational Ministries and Leadership

BA, Tennessee Temple University 1987; MSED, Texas A&M Commerce, 2007; MAMC/MACE, DTS, 2014; DEdMin, 2018.

Dr. Brooks’ favorite academic pursuits are speaking, writing, learning theory, teaching methods, Bible study methods, caring for women in pain, biblical perspective for women in the church, helping men understand and serve the other half of the church, traditional/complementarian/egalitarian discussions. She has been married to David since 1984. They have four intelligent, talented and funny children. Her favorite activity is eating home-made pizza and watching a movie with her family on Friday nights.

Courses Taught

  • EML5101 - Introduction to Educational Ministries and Leadership
  • EML5110 - History & Philosophy of Christian Education


Personal Interests

Reading, Baking, Traveling, Music, Theatre, Long walks