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TODD 208

Joseph D. Fantin

Professor of New Testament Studies

BA, Eastern Michigan University, 1986; MA, Michigan State University, 1988; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1995; PhD, 2003, PhD, University of Sheffield, 2007.

Dr. Fantin believes an accurate understanding of God’s Word will enable the believer to grow in his or her relationship with Christ, to love God and others, to bring Christ’s love to a lost world, to build up the church, and most importantly, to glorify God. He is committed to teaching exegetical method in order to help students understand, apply, and teach the Bible in order to achieve these goals. Dr. Fantin’s research interests include the first-century world, Greek language and linguistics, exegetical method, and exegesis of the prison epistles. He and his wife, Robin, have two children: Jillian and David.

Courses Taught

  • BE5315 - Bible Manners and Customs
  • NT5101 - Elements of Greek
  • NT5102 - Elements of Greek
  • NT5103 - Intermediate Greek
  • NT5104 - Introduction to New Testament Exegesis
  • NT5110 - New Testament Introduction
  • NT5400 - The New Testament in Contemporary Culture
  • NT5410 - Historical Jesus
  • NT5350 - The Epistles of Colossians and Philemon


Academic Interests

New Testament context (first-century world)
Greek language and linguistics

Personal Interests



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Classic: Same-Sex Sexuality and the Old Testament
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DTS Voice Articles

Journal Articles

  • "Society and Culture: Aspects of the First-Century World for a More Contextually Driven Exegesis." BAGL (4). 2015. 7–29.