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Mark Yarbrough
Contact Information
Walvoord 224b

Mark M. Yarbrough

President and Professor of Bible Exposition

BA, Dallas Christian College, 1993; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1996; PhD, 2008

Dr. Mark M. Yarbrough serves as DTS’s sixth president and Professor of Bible Exposition. He assumed the Seminary’s presidency after 19 years of service at DTS. His past DTS roles include Vice President of Communications and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Dr. Yarbrough received his undergraduate degree from Dallas Christian College, where he was named Valedictorian and received the Delta Epsilon Chi Award. He received his ThM from DTS in 1996 and his PhD in 2008. At DTS he was named Who’s Who and was an SCEC scholarship recipient.

Dr. Yarbrough’s twin passions for the local church and theological education have worked in tandem for over thirty years. At Centerpoint Church in Mesquite, TX, he serves on the Executive Committee of the elder board. He has also coauthored and recorded multiple songs/albums and enjoys leading worship. In regard to theological education, he loves the classroom and interacting with students preparing for various ministry endeavors. Dr. Yarbrough also enjoys writing; he has been published in various magazines and has written Paul’s Utilization of Preformed Traditions and How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor.

Dr. Yarbrough is married to his high school sweetheart, Jennifer. The Yarbroughs enjoy meeting fellow Christ-followers and have many opportunities to do so, as Mark frequently presents at conferences such as Horn Creek, Mount Hermon, Word of Life, and the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove. They are the parents of four adult children and have one son-in-law. They enjoy following the Cowboys, Mavericks, and Rangers and keeping things full, fun, and festive while serving the Lord.

Courses Taught

  • BE5101 - Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics
  • BE5103 - OT History II & Poetry
  • BE5106 - Acts & Pauline Epistles
  • BE5109 - Ruth, Psalms, Jonah, & Selected Epistles
  • BE5201 - The Story of Scripture: Genesis to Revelation
  • BE5510 - The Life of Christ on Earth


Personal Interests

Anything Outdoors


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DTS Voice Articles

Journal Articles

  • "Technically Speaking . . .." Connection, DTS Alumni Publication 2006.
  • "When God Doesn’t Heal." Christianity Today 2004.
  • "Isaiah 61:1-2 and the Jubilee Theme in Luke 4:17-21." Conference presenter at ETS 1999.
  • "A Life Well Lived." Word and Work 1997.