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Contact Information
FAB 122

Sten-Erik Armitage

Advisor for Spiritual Formation; Adjunct Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership

MA(BS), Dallas Theological Seminary, 2012; ThM, 2012; PhD candidate, University of St. Andrews, 2017.

Sten-Erik is passionate about helping others to think Christianly about their faith, ministry, and daily lives. It is this desire that brought him out of a career in human resources and legal compliance to study at Dallas Theological Seminary. While a student at DTS, Sten-Erik served four years in the Department of Spiritual Formation. In his final year of the ThM he was awarded the Rollin Thomas Chafer Award for his work in apologetics as well as the H. A. Ironside Award in Expository Preaching.

Sten-Erik has four amazing daughters and is married to his beautiful wife, Lisa. In addition to his role at the seminary, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Theological Studies. His academic interests include spiritual formation, divine attributes, theological aesthetics, and apologetic method.

Courses Taught

  • SF201 - Spiritual Formation I
  • SF202 - Spiritual Formation II
  • SF203 - Spiritual Formation III (Integrity)
  • SF204 - Spiritual Formation IV (Fidelity)


Academic Interests

Divine Attributes
Trinitarian Theology (Theology Proper)
Theological Aesthetics
Spiritual Formation

Personal Interests

Martial Arts


DTS Voice Videos

Terrorism and Hope
The Core of Identity
To Be Transformed
Living in Shalom
Senior Preaching Week: Suffering in the Life of the Believer

Journal Articles

  • "God as Beauty: Can He Be Known?." CBU Philosophy Conference: Embodied Reason; Wisdom, Tradition & Contemporary Apologetics 2014.
  • "Online Spiritual Formation? A Defense of the Incarnational Model." 65th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society Conference 2013.
  • "For All the Beauty of the Earth." 64th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society Conference 2012.
  • "Do We Make the Bible Impossible? A Review of Christian Smith's 'The Bible Made Impossible'." DTS Student Journal (Fall 2012). 2012.