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WSC 213

Samuel P. Chia

Director of Online Chinese Studies; Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies

BS, University of Alberta, 1986; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1994; PhD, 2003.

Dr. Chia has been teaching in higher education for more than ten years. He regularly teaches classes related to a variety of New Testament topics and issues and has served as a lecturer, assistant professor, or adjunct professor at seminaries in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States. In addition to teaching, he has served as a senior pastor of a Chinese church for nine years before moving to Taiwan in 2004. After serving as an adjunct professor for the Chinese Online program at DTS in 2006, Dr. Chia became the Director for Chinese Online Education in 2008. Dr. Chia and his wife have one son.

Courses Taught

  • BE5101 - Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics
  • NT5101 - Elements of Greek
  • NT5102 - Elements of Greek
  • NT5103 - Intermediate Greek
  • NT5104 - Introduction to New Testament Exegesis
  • NT5110 - New Testament Introduction


DTS Voice Videos

Cultural Engagement: A Meeting of East Asia and America

DTS Voice Articles

Journal Articles

  • "“Worship as Foundation of New Testament Ethics: A Reflection on Some New Testament Passages.”." (21). 2008. 19-34.
  • "The Role of Eschatology in Paul’s Ethics." Sino-Christian Studies 2007. 38–59.
  • "Bible and Culture: A Symposium in Commemoration of the 100th Birth Anniversary of Professor Zhu Weizhe." 2007. 48-59.
  • "The Authorship of 2 Thessalonians: Is Pseudonymity a better Alternative?." Jian Dao 2006. 1-24.
  • "Ephesians and Colossians: Biblical Foundation Series." Center for Chinese Biblical Education 1996.