Kindred Spirit Editorial Policies

Our Purpose

“Teaching the truths of God’s Word” remains our mission at Kindred Spirit. We publish articles applying biblical truth to life as a ministry to friends of Dallas Theological Seminary. Our articles are based on conservative exposition of Scripture.

Our Readers

Please consider our audience as you choose a topic and approach:

  • We write primarily for evangelical lay people.

  • Although the magazine goes to more than 15,000 alumni, most of our approximately 35,000 readers are not DTS graduates. But most are actively involved in church. Kindred Spirit is not a forum for theological debate or exegetical controversy, but a popular-market magazine through which we teach God’s Word.

  • Articles targeted specifically at alumni should be forwarded to Dallas Connection, which is published by our alumni department staff. Dallas Connection especially welcomes news for and about our alumni. We are unable to pay author fees for Dallas Connection.


Kindred Spirit is a ministry of Dallas Theological Seminary. We prefer articles written by our alumni, faculty, staff, board members, and their families. In each issue we try to run a 1,000-word profile of a DTS graduate that may be written by a friend of the Seminary, however.

Tips for Successful Articles

Exposition Pieces

Our exposition articles are usually authored by DTS faculty or similarly qualified individuals. These pieces are heavy on Bible teaching, usually revealing truth about a scriptural passage or theological doctrine. When writing such an article please remember to include points of application—answering the question, “So what?” Keep in mind your audience when communicating theological truths, and use non-technical language.

Christian Living Pieces

Our Christian Living articles communicate truths the author has learned through experience. Typically, these pieces appear in the first person, with one or more stories illustrating a scriptural point. When writing a Christian Living article for us, please always include one or more Scripture verses. The article should encourage the average Christian in how to live out his or her faith in the world. Please include some exposition that ends with application of truth.


Do you know a DTS graduate who is making an impact in his or her community? Is there something unique about the ministry or minister? In our profile articles our readers can learn about the kind of people DTS has trained—people using their personal gifts well, those whose passion has inspired others, and/or people who are plugging away faithfully in obscure positions of service. When writing a KS profile, make the story live through real-life examples and direct quotes from your subject as well as at least two other friends and/or colleagues who can support your premise. A well-done profile should include at least three sources. The profile is not a biography that provides a chronology of someone’s life. The focus is more on a specific time and ministry. Please avoid listing dates and places. Find a theme in the graduate’s life, and work the information around that topic. You are revealing faith in action.

Article Specifications

Length: 1,100-word maximum (please do not submit articles that exceed this limit and suggest that we edit them down to size). We prefer 1,000-word pieces accompanied by 100-word sidebars.


  • Kindred Spirit conforms to the style set forth in the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced with margins of one inch or more at the top, bottom, and sides.
  • All articles and titles are subject to editorial revision.
  • We use Scripture references from the NIV Bible. Authors may cite other Bible versions where they prefer different renderings. In such cases include the abbreviation of the version in parentheses after each reference (e.g., NKJV). Where the original text has used gender-inclusive language, we prefer a translation that reflects the intent of the biblical text.
  • Please include a cover letter with submitted articles warranting that the writing is your original work. We do not accept work that has been crafted by a ghostwriter. Be sure to credit properly any material you quote from another’s work.
  • Please do not quote verses from popular hymns or end the article with poetry.
  • Check your work to make sure you use strong verbs, active voice, and few negations.
  • Use only one space after a period, and use n-dashes instead of hyphens in Bible verses (e.g., 1 Cor. 1:4–6).

How to Submit Material

Before you submit an article, be sure to study several recent issues of Kindred Spirit. Look at the types of articles we publish, common writing styles, and the way our writers approach their topics.


It is best to submit a query letter and outline of your proposed article to the editor in chief before writing or sending your manuscript. Keep in mind that we assemble most issues at least six months before distribution; therefore, submit winter articles by May or June. Because of this required lead time, it is virtually impossible to run articles directly related to specific news events (e.g., Columbine shootings, tsunamis, terrorist attacks). We want articles that explore timeless truths.

Please include mailing address, email address (if applicable), daytime phone number, your relationship to DTS, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) for reply. An accepted query does not guarantee purchase of the manuscript. All submissions are received on speculation.

Requested articles

When submitting an article that we’ve requested, please include a current color photograph of yourself and a two-sentence author description. Articles should be typed, double-spaced with social security number and word count in the upper right corner of the first page of the manuscript. If your article has already appeared elsewhere, please say so. Submissions should be emailed to with an attachment in MS Word. Hard copies may also be sent as follows:

Dr. Sandra Glahn
Editor in Chief, Kindred Spirit—Communications Dept.
3909 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204

Please allow six to eight weeks for response.

Payment for Articles

Print magazine: Currently we pay $150 for reprints from other periodicals and up to $350 for first rights to well-edited, original articles that fall within the correct word count and include a sidebar. When we excerpt material from books, payment is negotiated with the publisher.

Online magazine: Currently we do not pay for material that appears in our online magazine.