1. Deadlines

You can find key deadlines for registration and payment on the Registrar's office page.

Leave of Absence

If you cannot attend courses in upcoming, please drop all scheduled courses and complete a Withdrawal/Leave-of-absence (LOA) form, available on students.dts.edu. Submit the completed form to the Academic Advising by end of the second week of that term, to avoid possible forfeiture of your $150 General Deposit.

B. Registration Procedures


  • Complete registration through students.dts.edu. You will need your student ID and Password to access this page.  If you forget your password, you will be automatically directed to the password reset page after a few unsuccessful attempts.
  • You will find your registration start time and date under the “Register for Classes” link; be sure to select the appropriate session and year (top right-hand corner of page).
  • You will not be able to register online for a course for which you have been previously registered. These may include courses taken by audit and courses dropped with or without grade.  You must contact the Academic Advising to add these courses.
  • You will receive a confirmation message when a course has been successfully added or dropped.  Review your completed schedule to make sure everything is listed correctly. A schedule of more than 18 hours is considered an overload and must be approved. Please contact the Academic Advising for more information.

NOTE: Ph.D. students (stage1 or 2) must register by the same deadlines, using the registration forms they receive. View and download the PDF PhD Registration Form. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Waiting Lists

To register for a course that is already full, add yourself to the waiting list for that course. Once on the waiting list, you can register for an alternative section of the same course, or for another course in the same time slot as the wait-listed course. The sequence of registering is critical: You must register for the wait-listed course first! You may not put yourself on the wait-list for more than one section of the same course.

Special Registrations

Registration for NT5101 (Elements of Greek) and OT5101 (Elements of Hebrew)

If you were registered for NT5101 or OT5101 in the Fall semester you will also be registered for the corresponding section of NT5102/OT5102 in the Spring semester.

Registration for Spiritual Formation

If you were registered for SF5100-1 in the Fall semester, you will be registered automatically by the Academic Advising in the same section for all subsequent SF courses.

Registration for Ministry Formation Internships

Registration for any Internship course requires approval from the Ministry Formation Department. Students who want to register for their required Internship must complete an Internship Application and meet with the Ministry Formation Department to discuss their internship plan. Read more information on the Ministry Formation Internships page including degree specific pre-requisites and expectations for Internship Sites. Students are encouraged to speak with Advising and plan their required Internship course during semesters which they can take a reasonable course load. Read more information on the Ministry Formation page.

Registration for a Thesis

Registration for a thesis is done through the Academic Advising. Refer to the Student Handbook for requirements pertaining to a ThM thesis. Information on thesis procedures is available by contacting the Academic Advising by email. This information should be obtained and topic approved during the semester prior to the one in which you register for the thesis. Completion of a thesis requires a full calendar year.

Registration for Online Courses

Students must verify that they have the appropriate computer hardware and internet connections. Registration for online courses will be blocked until the one time approval process is completed. Online Course Approval Form.

There is no limit on how many online courses a student may take the first time. However, it is recommended that you limit the number of online courses you take if you are a new student or if you have not taken an online course at DTS previously. Please consult an Academic Advisor about this. A cumulative maximum of 30 credit hours may be taken in the online format.

Audit/Spouse Audits

A limited amount of seats are available for audit students. If a course is not required for any degree program, you may register for it as “audit” online. You may not audit a course which is required for your degree program. Spouses of resident, credit students enrolled in a regular seminary degree program may audit a maximum of three courses in a given semester, subject to availability of classroom space and course audit limits. You should register for a spouse audit through the current student's CampusNet page.

Registration for an Independent Study

Registration for an independent study is done through the Academic Advising. Independent study forms are available on the CampusNet student webpage under “Forms and Information”.

Register for a tuition-free course (ThM students only)

You may take up to 5 courses beyond those needed to fulfill your degree requirements. One tuition-free course per session may be taken for credit or audit, subject to availability of classroom space. Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring comprise one session for the purpose of taking a tuition-free course. You should register for a tuition-free course in the Academic Advising on the day the course begins. A $30 fee (charged to your student account) to cover the cost of notes and course materials will be due in the Academic Advising at the time of registration.

Do not add a course you wish to take tuition-free to your schedule during the registration period.

C. Schedule Changes

Tuition refunds:If you are considering dropping a course please refer to the tuition refund schedule before doing so.

Note: Session fees are not refundable

Schedule changes can be made online at no charge until the payment deadline. After the payment deadline a $10 schedule change fee will be assessed per course drop. There is no fee to add courses.

NOTE: PhD students (stage 1or 2) must contact the Academic Advising to make schedule changes.

D. Tuition Cost and Payment Procedures

You can find our current fees and tuition on the Tuition and Aid page.

Full payment must be received—not postmarked—by the payment deadline. If you miss the payment deadline, all your courses will be dropped for that session.

Financial Aid

To review financial aid information to assist you in paying your tuition and fees, please refer to the DTS Financial Aid department.

OTHER QUESTIONS: Contact the Bursar’s Office by phone at 214-887-5086 (800-DTS-WORD ext. 5086) or by email.

E. New Student Information

We welcome you as a new member of our student body. The information contained at the following website is designed to help make your transition to Dallas Seminary as smooth as possible. We look forward to serving you during your time at DTS. Explore Information for Accepted Students.