Current Leasing Agreements

Incoming Residents: Do NOT print out this document to sign. All leases will be signed via the tenant’s AppFolio portal before arriving on campus. A lease meeting will be held in the Leasing and Relocation Office following move-in. The purpose of this meeting is to collect the remainder of the Security Deposit and prorated rent and to review the lease information with the Relocation Coordinator.

Current residents: The following digital copy of the Leasing Agreement is for reference only. This will not replace the physical renewal leases that will be posted to your AppFolio account. Please see your AppFolio portal for necessary documents.

Current Building Handbooks

Physical copies of the Building Handbook will not be given to residents but are now replaced by these digital documents. Residents are responsible for reading and following the specifics as described therein. This is consistent with the Leasing Agreement.

Move-Out Procedures

The Leasing and Relocation Office understands that moving can be very stressful. The following document has been provided to inform vacating residents of the standards of cleaning expected by the Leasing and Relocation Office. The Leasing and Relocation Office encourages vacating residents to follow these guidelines carefully to provide for a smoothest transition possible.

Sublease Offer Form

During the summer and winter sessions, the Leasing and Relocation Office operates an extensive subleasing program which allows residents to offer their apartments for subleasing to summer school students and guests of other residents. To take advantage of this program, residents must complete the following document and submit it to the Subleasing Coordinator. Leasing and Relocation will begin accepting sublease offers March 1 for the summer session and October 1 for winter session. During these two time periods, subleasing may only be arranged through the Leasing and Relocation Office’s Sublease Coordinator.

During the fall and spring semesters this service is not available, but residents may set up subleases for qualified guests if an apartment is available within the building. Residents must however inform the Apartment Manager of any such arrangements.