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Fight Club: Never Waste a Good Church Conflict
Fight Club: Never Waste a Good Church Conflict

Conflict can be a huge challenge for churches and ministries that pulls them down or even closes them down. Often, those involved end up looking around and asking, “How did we even get here?” Fight Club: Never Waste a Good Church Conflict is a one-day conference on the DTS Campus where we will discuss potential areas of conflict in ministry.

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Dive in with SWIM
Dive in with SWIM

Discover Seminary Wives in Ministry by exploring the history of SWIM and hearing the personal stories of those who have come before us. Come make new friends, see familiar faces, and interact with those making a splash through seminary life.

Details:  8:30-12:30 PM Childcare (5 yrs old and under) and lunch will be provided.

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New Student Luncheon
New Student Luncheon

Free Luncheon with the Arise Board for new incoming students on August 29th at Campbell 102! For more information email us at

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Whether it’s social events, ongoing conversation, campus involvement, or crisis counseling, the Student Services department always has an open door and a listening ear. Come on in!

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