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Advising Center

MA in Christian Education (MACE) Advising

The Advising Center wants to help you make informed decisions as you progress toward graduation. MACE students often ask three questions:

1. How do I select an MACE Concentration?

The MACE degree includes 12 elective credit-hours. Students can select a customizable concentration intended to prepare them for their planned ministry context. MACE students should consult with the faculty member who oversees their desired ministry concentration in order to select electives which will best prepare them for their desired ministry or vocation. A concentration and appropriate electives must be selected before students have completed 30 credit-hours of their degree program.

Key Questions

  • How does the stated purpose of this concentration strengthen my gifts and shore up my weaknesses?
  • What skills or concepts do I want to gain or master as a result of my study?
  • For what ministry context am I preparing?

Formal Process

  • Consult the MACE Concentrations document to the right in order to survey options available to you, paying special attention to the purpose and required courses for each concentration. Options for Houston, DC, and distance students are Educational Leadership and Parachurch Ministries.
  • Arrange a meeting with the professor who oversees the concentration in which you’re interested in order to receive important course selection and career guidance.
  • For the Parachurch Ministries concentration, submit the Parachurch Ministry form to Dr. Hillman or Dr. McLaughlin for approval.
  • For all other concentrations, email the Advising Center requesting your selected concentration. Be sure to include your name and student ID number in all correspondence with the Advising Center.
  • Once your concentration is approved, you will receive email confirmation from the Advising Center.
  • Elective courses not preapproved for your concentration must be approved by the faculty advisor that oversees your concentration using the substitution approval form on the right side of this page.
2. How do I meet my 22-hour residency requirement?

Students should be aware that many Christian Education electives required for various concentrations are only available on the Dallas campus during fall and spring semesters. Students in the MACE program should contact the Educational Ministries and Leadership department for more information regarding planned elective offerings. Certain concentrations may require a student to commute or live in Dallas for a semester or more.

Additionally, 22 credit-hours of the MACE degree must be completed in a classroom at the Dallas, Houston, or DC campus. See our your residency requirement for more information regarding residency.

DTS provides several opportunities for students seeking to complete the MACE to earn residency credit:

  • Dallas, Houston, or DC courses
    Courses are offered in varying formats (day, evening, or weekends) at our Dallas, Houston, and DC locations. See the DTS course schedule for current and future course offerings.

    We have created a plan which allows students to satisfy residency and elective requirements for the MACE while spending only two semesters in Dallas:
    Fall Spring
    SF110 (see SF Office) SF110 (continued)
    EML101 (3 hours) EML103 (2 hours)
    EML Electives (6 hours) EML104 (1 hour)
    BE10X (3 hours) EML Electives (6 hours)
      ST10X (3 hours)
    Total: 12 hours Total: 12 hours
  • Intensive Courses
    DTS offers one and two-week-long intensive courses during our Summer and Winter sessions each year. Students complete pre and post coursework, and attend lectures for one to two weeks. See the course schedule for current and future course offerings.
  • SuperWeek
    SuperWeeks are designed to enable students to earn at least five hours of course credit in just one week. These five hours also count toward the 22-hour overall residency requirement of the MACE degree. Not all SuperWeek course offerings will satisfy requirements for your degree. Please verify your degree requirements prior to registering for SuperWeek.
3. How do I start my Servant Leadership Internship?

The MACE internship (INT165) is a two-credit, supervised field-based education course in one or more forms of Christian education ministry and educational leadership. This is completed under the supervision and encouragement of an experienced ministry mentor. Students should begin their internship after the completion of 30 credit-hours, EML102: History and Philosophy of Christian Education, and progress toward completion of SF100 or SF110.

In order to register for the internship, students should meet with the Internship Office. An Internship Advisor will be able to guide students in selecting an appropriate internship.

This page provides basic information. Academic Advisors are happy to come alongside you as you journey with the Lord. Schedule an advising appointment today!

MACE Timeline

The following credit hour timeline is designed to serve as a guide as you progress through seminary. For particular questions please contact the Advising Center.

0 – 15 hours into the program
16 – 30 hours into the program
  • Contact EM/L Department regarding planned elective offerings
  • Meet with Educational Ministries and Leadership Faculty to select concentration electives
  • Meet with Internship Office
31 – 45 hours into the program
  • Check in with the Advising Center regarding progress toward degree completion
  • Begin Internship
  • Complete Graduation Application
46 – 65 hours into the program
  • Pay attention to all graduation-related emails and announcements
  • See Placement Office for ministry opportunities
  • Participate in commencement!