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Advising Center

MA in Christian Leadership (MACL) Advising

The Advising Center wants to help you make informed decisions as you progress toward graduation. MACL students often ask four questions:

1. What are my catalog requirements?

Your catalog requirements are determined by the year in which you first started taking classes at DTS or reclassified to the MACL. The MACL requirements vary in specific areas depending upon your catalog year:

2011-13 Catalogs
(Fall 2011-Summer 2013)
2013-14 Catalog (Fall 2013-Summer 2014) 2014-16 Catalog (Fall 2014-Summer 2016) 2016-17 Catalog (Starting Fall 2016)
Spiritual Formation Not Required Spiritual Formation Required Spiritual Formation Required Spiritual Formation   Required
EML335 Required for 3 hours (see Registrar's Office) EML335 Required for 2 hours EML335 Not Required EML335 Not Required
RS101 Not Required
EML950 Required
RS101 + EML950 Required RS101 + EML950 Required RS101 + RS103 Required
6 Elective Hours 6 Elective Hours 8 Elective Hours 9 Elective Hours
2. Which MACL degree option is right for me?

The MACL degree can be completed using one of two options:

Ministry Residency (EML801/802)*

Instead of completing a 3-credit, one-year internship and 6-9 hours of approved electives, the student completes an eight-month Ministry Residency, in which he or she earns 11-12 hours of credit. The program is specifically designed for those students involved in paid vocational ministry in a local church or parachurch organization for 25 hours or more per week. Students become eligible for the Ministry Residency program after starting the Spiritual Formation program, and upon completion of EML305 and 30 credit-hours. For more information, please visit the Ministry Residency page.

*Please note: Enrollment is limited. Students should plan to complete Ministry Residency prior to their final year in the program. Students who complete EML802 in spring of their graduating year should plan for degree completion the following summer.

Elective Option

Student completes a 3-credit, one-year internship in Christian Leadership (INT155), and 6-9 hours of approved MACL electives, depending upon the student’s catalog requirements.

3. I’m a distance student. How do I meet my 21-hour residency requirement?

21 credit hours of the MACL degree must be completed at an approved campus or location. See our Residency and Timelines page for more information regarding residency and approved extension sites. DTS provides several opportunities for students attempting to complete the MACL from a distance to earn residency credit:

  • Intensive Courses

    DTS offers one and two-week-long intensive courses during our Summer and Winter sessions each year. Students complete coursework before and after they attend lectures for one to two weeks. See the DTS course schedule page for more information.

  • SuperWeek

    SuperWeeks are designed to enable students to earn at least five hours of course credit in just one week while completing coursework throughout the rest of the semester. These five hours also count toward the 21-hour overall residency requirement of the MA/CL degree. For more information regarding SuperWeek course offerings, please visit the SuperWeek page.

  • Ministry Residency

    Ministry Residency (as described above) requires two week-long trips to Dallas: one in August and one in May. This is designed for students who are in paid vocational ministry in a local church or parachurch organization. For more information about the Ministry Residency program please see the information provided above and visit the Ministry Residency page.

    Ministry Residency Option Hours Elective Option Hours
    2 weeks in Dallas (EML801/802) 11-12 Intensive or Extension courses 11
    SuperWeek 1 in Dallas* 5-6 SuperWeek 1 in Dallas* 5-6
    SuperWeek 2 in Dallas* 5-6 SuperWeek 2 in Dallas* 5-6
    Total 21 Total 21

    *If you are unable to attend SuperWeek, additional trips to Dallas or extension sites will be required.

4. What is the EML950 Applied Research Project (ARP)?

The Applied Research Project (ARP) is required for all MACL students entering before Fall 2016 (students entering after Fall 2016 must complete RS103). Using the ARP subject approval form as a guide, students develop a “problem-solution” research project under the guidance and supervision of a DTS faculty member and possibly an approved ministry practitioner. This is a two-semester process requiring careful planning and execution on the part of the student. Students should begin to confer with DTS faculty members early in their DTS coursework, and seek to register for the ARP no later than the semester prior to their planned graduation session. For more information, please access the ARP subject approval form to the right.

Answers to the above questions greatly depend on you. This page provides basic information. Academic Advisors are happy to come alongside you as you journey with the Lord. Schedule an advising appointment today!

MACL Timeline

The following credit hour timeline is designed to serve as a guide as you progress through seminary. For particular questions please contact the Advising Center.

0 – 15 hours into the program
16 – 30 hours into the program
31 – 45 hours into the program
46 – 62 hours into the program
  • Pay attention to All Graduation Related Emails and Announcements
  • See Placement Office for Ministry Opportunities
  • Participate in Commencement!