Advising Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Welcome to the ARC (hosted by the Advising Center)! Below you will find resources designed to equip you for success during your time as a student at DTS. For assistance planning toward degree completion, please contact the Advising Center.

Tutorial Services

  • Free tutoring is available for Greek and Hebrew. Please contact the Old Testament (Hebrew) or New Testament (Greek) departments for tutor availability.
  • Some students make themselves available as tutors in various subjects (writing, editing, language, etc.) for a nominal fee by placing their names on the “Special Skills List” available through our Department of Student Services.

Writing Resources

Online Studies Resources

  • The Advising Center has compiled several tips designed to help students become successful online learners.
  • A list of courses available online can assist you in degree planning. Online courses are generally offered each Fall, Spring, and Summer session.

ThM Thesis Resources

  • The “Thesis vs. RS102 Seminar,” featuring Dr. Michael Svigel, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Theological Studies, and Dr. Carisa Ash, Director of Student Advising, was designed to help ThM students process through the important decision between taking the RS102 research class or completing a research thesis.
  • The Advising Center has created a handout that describes the differences between completion of a ThM thesis and RS102.