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Advising Center

Master of Sacred Theology (STM) Advising

The Advising Center wants to help you make informed decisions as you progress toward graduation. STM students often ask four questions:

1. How many years can I take to complete the STM?

Students must finish all requirements for the STM within 6 years of the time they start their first course. Crafting a precise plan is very important.

2. How do I remove the STM Advising Hold on my account?

In order to register for classes, you must submit a faculty approved degree completion plan to the Advising Center for review and approval. Create a completion plan using the STM Degree Worksheet to the right. Pay special attention to the course prerequisites noted on the worksheet.

Students who have had Hebrew or Greek at the MDiv level will need to pass a Hebrew or Greek proficiency exam before enrolling in OT103 or NT103. Failure to pass the exams will require the student to enroll in first-year language courses. Prerequisite courses in Hebrew or Greek, if required, will not count toward the 32-hour requirement for the STM degree. 

Once the STM Advising Hold has been removed, email the Registrar’s Office with your course selections during the open registration period in order to be enrolled in courses. Be sure to include your name, student ID number, and the session and section for which you are requesting registration in all communications with the Registrar’s Office.

3. How do I qualify for advanced placement in Greek, Hebrew?

STM students are expected to demonstrate introductory proficiency in Hebrew, Greek, and Expository Preaching prior to beginning their program at Dallas Seminary. Each academic department administers a proficiency assessment which requires students to demonstrate competencies necessary to advance in a particular sequence of courses.

Using the Proficiency Exam Form to the right, STM students should participate in examinations for NT103 and OT102. The form should be filled out completely and given to the academic department which oversees the course in question. Each department will schedule the time and format of the examinations.

  Greek Hebrew Expository Preaching
Do not satisfy degree requirements
Required NT104 OT103 Advanced Homiletics – PM104 or Above
Required for DTS PhD Program NT105 OT104  
4. How do I select my thesis subject and major electives?

STM students should select their major elective courses in conversation with their major department. Professors in each academic department are best equipped to advise students regarding courses geared toward each student’s desired ministry context. Please contact the Administrative Coordinator for your major department to request a meeting with a professor.

Thesis subject selection should also take place in conversation with a student’s major department. Using the Thesis Subject Approval Form to the right, students should select a thesis subject and two readers. Students should confer with their major department regarding thesis topic approval deadlines, and should select their thesis topic during their first semester at DTS.

This page provides basic information. Academic Advisors are happy to come alongside you as you journey with the Lord. Schedule an advising appointment today!

STM Timeline

The following credit hour timeline is designed to serve as a guide as you progress through seminary. For particular questions please contact the Advising Center.

Before First Semester
0 – 16 hours into the program
17 – 32 hours into the program
  • Pay attention to all graduation-related emails and announcements
  • See Placement Office for ministry opportunities
  • Participate in commencement!