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Eikon, Art & Media Fellowship

Eikon exists to provide artists with a space for collaboration and community, and to cultivate arts in the student body.

We meet every other Wednesday at 11:30am-1:00pm at Hope Coffee. Official off-campus field trips are once a month. Official overnight trips are once a year. We may also have a variety of unofficial events. All events will be announced via our mailing list and Facebook.

To join our mailing list, email or

If you have any questions, suggestions, or events you would like to see, please also contact the above email.

EIKON logo

Contact Information

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Tim Basselin
Katie Fisher
Vice President
Matt Snyder
Steph Collier
Jordan Parker
Head of Visual Arts
K Pastore
Head of Music & Performance
Jacob Beck

Head of Networking
Mark Pate
Head of Writing/
Blog Editor 
Sarah Frase

Social Media & Advertising
Sarah Frase
Jonathan Todd
Ann Buren
Field Trips & Events
Desiree Parker
Megan Ostrom
Allegra Fisher
Ann Buren
Social Media