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Logos and Branding

Design Elements

The Flame Symbol

Both logos include the flame and books symbol, which portrays the three members of our Triune God and the Old and New Testaments.

The Color Purple

The color purple was chosen to reflect the kingship and suffering of Jesus Christ. For print, the purple color is PMS 2627 and on the web #43165e.

Tag Line

Teach Truth. Love Well. was chosen to reflect the balance of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.Need a Logo?

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Seminary Logo Usage

DTS has two main logos, (1) The Full Name Logo (“Dallas Theological Seminary”) used on official documents and when audiences are less familiar with the Seminary’s initials (DTS), and (2) The Initials Logo (“DTS”), the primary communications tool when audiences familiar with the Seminary. The appropriate logo depends on the context and design constraints, but all pieces will include a combination of initials (“DTS”) and full name (“Dallas Theological Seminary”)

1. Full Name Logo

In formal settings and when an audience may not be familiar the initials DTS, the full name logo of the Seminary is preferred. The Seminary’s initials (DTS) should also appear in the body copy.

2. DTS Initials Logo

This is the preferred logo for internal communications and external communications where the full name of the Seminary is clear in the copy. When the initials logo is used, there should be a margin around the letters equal to at least half the height of the initials (i.e. there should be a margin to the right of the ‘S’ that is half the height of the ‘S’ character), centered on the letters with the tip of the flame entering into the marginal space.

3. Department Logos

Extension campuses and departments can be added below or alongside the logo. Please contact Creative Services if you need a logo created for your campus or department.