Help teach Biblical Truth
and grow the Kingdom


Amidst a culture that wavers in the face of political correctness and persecution, Dallas Theological Seminary has held fast to our mission, using the Bible as the central course of study for more than 90 years.

While our teaching methods have grown with the advent of technology, our commitment to teaching truth does not change.

In support of this mission, a generous donor has offered an incredible $50,000 gift if supporters of DTS can raise $50,000 by midnight on September 22, which is widely celebrated as “North Texas Giving Day”.

This will result in a total of $100,000, which will help fuel three primary initiatives:

  • Expand the reach of DTS’s online courses
  • Educate and equip future Christian leaders
  • Teach thousands to engage culture with the gospel through the Hendricks Center

To activate this $50,000 gift, we must raise $50,000 by midnight on September 22nd.

Goal: $500,000

Will you make a generous donation today to help teach Biblical truth to a world that desperately needs it and grow the Kingdom of God?

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