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Giving Impact

Your visit to our website indicates that you care about the essentials of the Christian faith. Teaching and defending the unchanging truth of God's Word has been the heart of our ministry for more than 80 years. We need the prayers and financial support of committed Christians like you to keep standing strong for the truth.

Because Dallas Seminary receives no denominational support, federal grants, or other substantial endowments, we have no reservoir or aqueduct to substitute for the faithful prayers and gifts of dear friends like you--and that's exactly how we think it should be!

For one thing, it keeps us on our knees in humble thanksgiving to God for the Spirit-led generosity of supporters who agree with our mission and share our vision.  This accountability to donors is also one protection against outside pressures to tailor our teaching to anything but God's Word.

Year after year, we have been blessed by God's goodness.  You can be a vital part of this sowing for an eternal harvest!

Dallas Seminary Alumni teach the Bible in more than 60 denominations and in numerous independent churches. They minister as:


  • 109 school presidents and head administrators, many of whom have founded Bible institutes and seminaries overseas
  • 39 deans and 703 faculty members at Bible schools, colleges, seminaries, and high schools


  • 2,785 senior or associate pastors


  • 505 missionaries around the world

Parachurch Leaders:

  • 1,128 leaders in parachurch organizations


  • 42 military and 39 hospital chaplains
  • Chaplains in NASCAR racing, the pro golf circuit, and professional sports teams

Media Professionals:

  • 96 work in fields such as publishing, television, and radio through which 150 of the world's 192 countries receive broadcasts from DTS alumni