Holy Land Tour

Israel Safety Statement

A message from tour host Dr. Charlie Dyer about safety in Israel:

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has ended. In spite of all the coverage from the media, you will be surprised by how calm and peaceful it will be. The areas that experienced most of the rocket fire (the southern coastal towns between Ashkelon and Tel Aviv as well as the towns that directly border Gaza) are not areas we include in this tour. We will avoid spending time in Arab population centers in the West Bank, with the exception of Jericho and Bethlehem. These two towns have remained remarkably safe for tourists because they depend on tourism for their livelihood. But even when it comes to these two places, our land operator is constantly monitoring the situation. Should a problem arise in either location, we will avoid traveling there. There are so many things to see in Israel that we'll simply substitute another location to visit.

We will not be visiting Syria, Lebanon, or Iraq, dangerous places where violence is occurring. The reality is that Israel is an incredibly safe country surrounded by Muslim countries that are in turmoil. That is why Israel works so hard to keep its borders secure.

Israel takes the security of its guests very seriously. From the airport security at Ben Gurion to the security checkpoints at the entrances to malls and other sites where Jews gather, you will come away understanding what real security looks like. Former governor Mike Huckabee just came back from a visit to Israel, and his observations were right on target when he said, "America could learn a lot from the Israelis about airport security.” You will understand this more fully once you see the military preparedness and emphasis on security that are part of everyday life in Israel.