Dean of DTS-DC

Josh Bleeker

ThM, Systematic Theology, DTS '04
DEdMin, DTS '16
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Associate Director of DTS-DC

Jana Thompson

MA Christian Education, DTS '15
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Location 10002 Battleview Pkwy
Manassas, VA 20109 (map)
Phone 703-770-2976 703-770-8671
Twitter @josh_bleeker @janaenjoli
Instagram Josh_Bleeker

Residential Faculty

Michelle Woody

Michelle Woody
Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling
office: DTS-DC
phone: 703-770-2704

Benjamin Simpson

Benjamin I. Simpson
Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies,
Director of Resource Development, DTS-DC
office: DTS-DC
phone: 703-770-8644

Campus Advisors

Jon Le

Jon Le
Current MBTS student, DTS

Amy Zacaroli

Amy Zacaroli
Current MABC student,