Upcoming Courses

Summer 2018

Code Title Profs Days
BE105 DC The Gospels Bramer Fr,Sa 8:00a–4:00p
BE201 DC The Story of Scripture: Genesis to Revelation Yarbrough Th,Fr,Sa 8:00a–5:00p
EML205 DC Small Group Process in Ministry Humphries 06/01; 06/22
BC305 DC Counseling and Ethics Practicum I Woody Sat 6:00p–9:00p

Fall 2018

Code Title Profs Days
BC102 DC Theological and Psychological Foundations of Counseling Dickens 08/25; 09/15; 10/13; 09/22; 09/29
HT101 DC The Church to the Modern Era Hannah 08/25; 09/15; 10/27
NT101 DC Elements of Greek Simpson 08/25; 09/29; 10/06; 10/27; 11/03; 12/01; 12/08; 09/08
NT103 DC Intermediate Greek Simpson 08/25; 09/08; 09/29; 10/06; 10/27; 11/03; 12/01; 12/08
BC305 DC Counseling and Ethics Practicum I Woody Sat 6:00p–8:45p
BC250 DC Professional Orientation Jagers; Salwen 10/13; 09/14; 10/11–12
BC270 DC Family Systems Barnes 11/17; 12/01; 12/08; 12/15; 11/10
BE101 DC Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics Hanna; Gonzales 09/15; 10/13; 11/10
BE104 DC OT Prophets Bramer 09/15; 10/13; 11/10
EML101 DC Introduction to Educational Ministries and Leadership McLaughlin 09/29; 10/20; 11/17
EML412 DC Ministry to Children at Risk Lawrence Th,Fr,Sa 8:00a–4:00p
ST101 DC Theological Method and Bibliology Kreider 09/07–08; 10/26–27
ST103 DC Angelology, Anthropology, and Hamartiology Adair 09/07–08; 10/26–27
WM101 DC Introduction to World Missions Ortiz 09/22; 10/13; 11/10
WM412 DC Ministry to Children at Risk Lawrence Th,Fr,Sa 8:00a–4:00p
BC235 DC Social & Cultural Foundations Woody 09/22; 09/29; 10/20; 11/03; 09/22; 09/29
PM103 DC Expository Preaching I Warren 09/18; 10/02; 11/06; 12/04
BC215 DC Normal Human Growth Thacker 09/06; 10/05
BC210 DC Counseling Theory Bounds 11/10; 12/01; 11/17; 12/08; 12/15

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Three-Year Course Rotation

This is a projected course rotation. Actual course offerings depend on student enrollment.


Fall Winter* Spring Summer
BE101 BE103 BE102 BE105
BE107   BE109 BE201
ST101   ST102  
ST105   ST106 ST###
EML435   EML330 EML elec.
WM210   WM205  
NT101 NT113 NT102 NT105


Fall Winter* Spring Summer
BE104 BE elec. BE105 BE106
BE101   BE102 ST###
ST103   ST104  
ST101   ST102  
HT101   HT102  
EML101 EML105 EML102 EML elec.
WM101   WM215 WM3##
PM103   PM104 PM105
NT103   NT104 NT105
NT101   NT102  


Fall Winter* Spring Summer
BE107 WM101 BE109  
BE103   BE104  
ST105   ST106  
ST103   ST104  
  EML elec.    
WM210   WM205 WM5##
NT103 NT113 NT104 NT105
NT101   NT102  
OT101   OT102  

*January session