WEC Conference

Child Registration

Please note: Children ages 4 through 6th grade are welcome to attend. Your child MUST be 4 and out of diapers by March 7th.

All information submitted in the registration form will be seen only by the Kids' Konference teachers.

Release Procedures

In order to pick up your child after the conference, you MUST have one of the following forms of identification. Without one of these forms we cannot in good conscience release your child. Please remember that although this may be an inconvenience to you, the safety of your child is important to us!

*Passport Slip: This is given to you each morning when you drop off your child, and we take it back when you pick up your child.

*Picture ID: We will need to see a picture ID if you do not have a passport slip.

Alternative Release

If for some reason the person who drops off the child is not able to pick them up, there are two options:

  1. Give the passport slip to the person who will pick up the child.
  2. At drop off, tell a person at the registration table who will be picking up the child. The alternative release person will need to have a picture ID.

Again, we will not release your child to just anyone. We must be told or have verified identification. Your child and the safety of that child is important to us!

Register Your Child