WEC Conference

Frequently Asked Questions


My child turns 4 shortly after the conference. Can he still attend?
Unfortunately, no. The programming of the Kids' Konference is geared toward ages 4+, and we do not have the facility space or volunteers to accept 3-year-olds. Your child must be 4 by the Monday of conference week.
I have a child older than sixth grade. Can he still attend?
Yes, but not in the same capacity. Children older than sixth grade can serve as volunteers with the activities or travelling with the groups. Please register your youth as a volunteer.


If I volunteer, does that count toward my WEC attendance requirements?

YES! Whether you serve for one shift or for the whole morning, your service does count toward your requirement. One shift of volunteering at Kids' Conference is equivalent to two sessions.

Do I have to volunteer so that my child can attend?
No. We do encourage you to serve so that you can experience the conference with your child and also to serve the other families on campus, but it is not a requirement?
I have a child older than sixth grade. Can she volunteer?
Yes! Part of being on mission with God includes serving at any age. We partner the youths with an adult whether it is conducting one of the activities or travelling with the groups.


When can I drop off my child?

Registration opens at 8:15 am. You can drop off your child any time after that.

NOTE: Even though the adult portion of WEC also begins at 8 am, registration is not opening any earlier.

When can I pick up my child?
You can pick up your child at any time (as long as you have the proper identification). We encourage them to stay until the end of the program at 12:30 pm.
Does it cost anything for my child to attend?
No! This is a ministry of DTS students to the families of DTS students.