WEC Conference


All seminars are from 9:00 - 10:00am

  Tues. March 8 Wed. March 9 Thurs. Mar 10 Fri. March 11

Refugees & Reconciliation

Rev. Celestin Musekura, Ph.D., ALARM

Creating a Successful Church Planting Residency

Dr. Barry Jones, DTS
Solving Our Hidden Islamic Problem

Renod Bejjani, IHOPE Ministries
Effective Evangelism to Our Muslim Friends

Renod Bejjani, IHOPE Ministries

The Mission of God in a World Gone Mad

Dr. Rodney Orr, DTS

Effective Evangelism to Our Jewish Friends

Vladimir Pikman, DTS/Chosen People Ministries

Effective Ministry to Refugees in Europe

Dr. Jose Cruz, Dr. Michael Pocock, and Vladimir Pikman

Missions to Those Isolated by Trauma and PTSD

Dr. Linda Marten, DTS


The Ministry of the Artist


The Unlikely People that Shaped Missions Today

Krista Mikalatos, Cru
Publishing as Missions

EIKON, Matt Mikalatos, and Dr. Robert Chisholm

Missions Among Diaspora Peoples

Dr. Michael Pocock, DTS

TODD 114

Spiritual Warfare on the Mission Field

Dr. Richard Calenberg, DTS

Families on the Mission Field

Panel of DTS Professors and Wives

Developing a Discerning Heart

Nancy Goodman and Corrie McCann, Entrust

Communicating Christ Across Culture

Krista Mikalatos, Cru

TODD 115


Theological Education Overseas

Dr. Horrell, Dr. Allman, Dr. Anderson, & Raime Bateman