WEC Conference

Workshops: 12:45-2:00 p.m.


Agency Title Room
American Indian Mission Native America...our Samaria? WSC 104
Camino Global Theological Education in Latin America WSC 105
Evergreen Partnering in a Communist Chinese World Todd 114
EmpowerOne The Failure of Short-Term Missions and Local Church Discipleship Todd 115
Love is Ministry Refugee Community in DFW Todd 214
New Tribes The Authority For Missions and For Being A Missionary Todd 215
Wycliffe Bible Translators How You Can Be Involved In the End Bible Poverty Movement Todd 216
RHMA It's Not Your Father's Rural America Todd 217
YoungLife Wherever you are be all there - Keeping It All About Jesus! Todd 218
OneChallenge The Ultimate Sacrifice: Obedience CAC 204
Send Pastors Who Stay: Their Crucial Role in Global Outreach CAC 205
TEAM Making an Impact on Limited Access and Closed Countries Todd 315
Cru Launching Campus Ministries with Cru in Unreached Cities Todd 313


Agency Title Room
Children's Relief International Missions & Money Amongst the Poor: 10 Ways to Fail and 1 Way to Succeed WSC 104
Steve Hardy Theology of Theological Education WSC 105
CrossWorld Theological Issues Facing Missions Today Todd 114
Langham Partnership Learning from the Global Church Todd 115
Entrust Africa’s Surprising Answers to Questions We Never Thought to Ask About Leadership/Theological Training Todd 214
East-West Spiritual Multiplication Todd 215
Christar Cross Cultural Ministry and Family Todd 216
World Venture A Brief History and Current Trends in West Africa Todd 217
IS Inc. Cross-cultural Missions with International Students Todd 218
OMF Missionary Life Challenges and Blessings: What No One Told Me about Being a Missionary CAC 204
Gain The GAIN Effect: How to Increase the Effectiveness of Evangelistic Ministries CAC 205
EFCA Millenials on Mission - Will They Go? Todd 315
Pioneer Bible Translators Extreme Prayer: The Impossible Prayers God Answers Todd 313