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Helping Your Kids Make Wise Choices
by Mikel Del Rosario September 2, 2014
Teaching Kids About Tough Decisions How well are your kids prepared to make tough decisions on their own? Whether you’re a brand-new parent or have a teenager in the house, helping your children learn how to make wise choices is one of the most important things you can do to prepare them to live life as responsible adults after they …
How to Develop Leadership pt. 2
by Kymberli Cook August 26, 2014
Develop Leaders Who Are Competent According to Dr. Howard Hendricks, an important step to developing leaders is choosing the right people in the first place. This means choosing people who are committed and choosing people who are competent. Below are three characteristics of a competent person- someone who has the potential to be developed …
What Does Convicted Civility Look Like?
by Mikel Del Rosario August 19, 2014
Have you ever been concerned about being misunderstood? We’ve all been there in a variety of contexts. But this is one reason many people struggle to relate with neighbors who see moral issues differently . For some Christians, this is most evident in their hesitancy to engage people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. …