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Was the Message of the New Testament Corrupted?
by Mikel del Rosario October 7, 2014
Why do some people tend to approach the New Testament with skepticism? For some, issues surrounding the Bible can hinder them from even reading the text of Scripture and taking its claims seriously. For example, many who have seen Dr. Bart Ehrman on television or read his popular books often come away doubting that the message of the New …
Recommended Resource: Work Matters
by Mikel Del Rosario September 30, 2014
Work Matters In this installment of our series featuring resources on Faith, Work and Economics , we recommend Tom Nelson’s Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work .   Nelson guides the reader in rethinking work through a biblical worldview, focusing on the Scripture’s treatment of work, and examining …
How to Develop Leadership- Finding Communicators
by Kymberli Cook September 23, 2014
  According to Dr. Howard Hendricks, developing leadership begins by identifying those who have the core characteristics of leadership (though they need not necessarily be well-developed). He states that those characteristics are commitment, competence, communication, and creativity. We have previously discussed finding those who are …