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Four Leadership Virtues That Win Wars
by Bill Hendricks January 6, 2015
Jim Collins profiled enterprises that are “built to last.” The United States Marine Corps is not only built to last, but built to win wars decade after decade. How do they do it? How do the Marines meet the challenge of leading people—mostly between 18 and 21—into life-and-death combat and consistently …
Recommended Resource: Work Matters
by Mikel Del Rosario December 30, 2014
In this installment of our series featuring resources on Faith, Work and Economics , we recommend Tom Nelson’s Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work .   Nelson guides the reader in thinking of work through a biblical worldview by focusing on the Scripture’s treatment of work and examining how God shapes …
Was the Virgin Birth Story Created by the Church
by Mikel Del Rosario December 16, 2014
What would you say if someone asked you if the Virgin birth of Christ of Christ was patterned after myths or made up by the church? This post will help you think through some challenges to the historicity of the Virgin birth of Christ narrative in the Bible. First, we’ll answer the question “Was the Virgin birth of Christ copied …