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3 Cultural Engagement Lessons from Acts 17
by Mikel Del Rosario April 15, 2014
Do you ever feel at a loss for how to interact with that skeptical friend, family member or coworker? What about spiritual conversations with unbelievers who seem hostile or unlikely to ever submit to the Lordship of Christ?  How should we engage as ambassadors of Jesus? In Acts 17:16-34, the Apostle Paul gives us an example of …
Refreshing Your Ministry Vision step 4
by Andrew B. Seidel April 8, 2014
Develop an Awareness of the Needs of the People Outside Your Ministry This month, continuing our ministry vision process, we will discuss how to become more alert to those outside your ministry but potentially affected by it. But before we hop into step four, let’s have a quick review of steps 1-3:  Step 1 Gain a Clearer …
Your Work- Is it More than a Paycheck?
by Mikel Del Rosario April 1, 2014
How do our professional lives relate to our discipleship? For some believers, the concept of discipleship seems somewhat disconnected from everyday life. Perhaps this is because many of the sermons we hear each week tend to primarily link stewardship with financial giving or time invested in ministry, worship services, and Bible study groups. …