About The Table Podcast

The Hosts

The Table is a weekly podcast from the Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement. These podcasts treat key topics related to God, religion, Christianity, and Culture. They will be hosted by Dr. Mark Bailey, Dr. Mark Yarbrough, or Dr. Darrell Bock. Dr. Bock as Executive Director for Cultural Engagement at the Center has responsibility for these podcasts as part of the cultural engagement initiative at DTS.

The Name "The Table"

We call the podcasts “The Table” intentionally. The name the Table denotes gathering around a table for a conversation on complex topics. In our world, anyone can pull up a chair and have a voice. Views abound. Dialogue and engagement ensues, considering topics from an array of angles. We do not just talk to ourselves. Our view is not the only one at the table. In cultural engagement it is crucial to understand the array of talking voices and engage them. So our podcasts are conversations on life in our world, interacting with the many voices clamoring for attention. In the conversations, the goal of the DTS hosts is to help Christians think biblically and theologically about these issues and how to engage them in a gracious yet forthright manner. 

Conversation at The Table

The podcasts will interview experts in the areas covered from within DTS, from the evangelical world in general, and from the wider culture. As such an array of views will be presented by those interviewed. Not all the views expressed will come from within a Christian or a DTS perspective. Still a substantive conversation has value. The goal is to inform users with an up to date look at the topic in question drawing on the knowledge and experience of those we interview. We hope to both inform and engage topics through the conversations we have.

Many issues we cover have a variety of credible ways Christians approach the topic. Our conversations will make the issues and options tied to the topics clearer, enabling us to think more carefully about the issue. We invite you to the Table to partake in conversations on issues that make a difference in how we live.

Some topics we cover may be for mature audiences only. Topics such as sexuality, or issues tied to violence or abuse, will venture into sensitive areas where disecretion is advised.

In addition, our comments section is open for public responses. These responses should reflect the engagement our topics are designed to generate, but those responses do not always reflect the views of DTS. Comments are only removed if they are interpreted by the moderator as being inappropriate or crude in nature.

Supplemental Events and Downloads

Initially topics will be broken up into parts and can be downloaded one part at a time. Some topics also include a special cultural engagement chapel or a brown bag interview with student questions. So some topics will have these supplemental events posted under the topic. These supplemental events can also be downloaded currently without charge. In the future, these supplemental events may come with a modest charge for the download to help cover our production costs.