Dallas Theological Seminary Campus Police is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If at any time a suspicious activity is observed, call them immediately at (214) 887-5590. If a crime in progress is observed, notify Campus Police as well as Dallas Police (call 911). Do not ever feel foolish for calling Campus Police or Dallas Police – they are here to help. The Campus Police provide escorts for Seminary students at any time.

It is very important that the Campus Police be informed of any incidents of vandalism, theft or suspicious persons on campus. In the event of suspicious persons, prowlers, or the discovery that something belonging to a resident or the Seminary has been stolen, please contact the Campus Police first and then the Resident Director.

Keep vehicles locked at all times! Do not leave items in view or even in the vehicle which do not have to be there. This includes things such as wallets, cell phones, CDs, any electronic gear, book bags, computer cases (and computers), briefcases, suitcases, shoes, etc. If a stereo is easily removable from the dash, consider taking it with you. Do not store items of value in a glove box, console or trunk. All of these places may be opened and checked during a vehicle burglary. Keep vehicles parked in assigned parking lots. Residents parking on the street are encouraged not to park on Floyd or St. Joseph. Remember that vehicles may be parked in the commuter lots between 7 p.m. – 7 a.m.

The Landry Fitness Center is the safest place to run/jog. Jogging on streets can be dangerous, especially off-campus. It is never recommended to jog off-campus at night and residents should never walk/run/jog by themselves.

Anyone who approaches a campus resident about money, help, etc. should be referred to Campus Police. They have a list of ministries and charitable organizations, some within a few blocks of DTS, which they will be glad to give to someone. Under no circumstances should a stranger be allowed to get into a vehicle. Robberies often begin with the victim driving the robber to his “car” to give it a jumpstart.

General Precautions

  1. Report suspicious persons or activities to the Campus Police immediately.
  2. Be aware of surroundings at all times. Be alert!
  3. Under no circumstances should unaccompanied non-Seminary related people be allowed into the building without approval of the Housing Staff and notification to the Campus Police. Unaccompanied individuals found by Campus Police will be escorted out of the building.
  4. Residents are encouraged to keep the entrance gates and doors closed and locked at all times. Do not prop open the gates and doors for any reason – this is a violation of the contract.
  5. Those who live on the ground floor are encouraged to close and lock their windows when they are not home.

For further precautions and fire prevention tips, read the Residence Hall Handbook!