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Doctor of Ministry


The Doctor of Ministry degree program is designed to provide advanced training in the practice of biblically and theologically oriented ministry to those actively involved in vocational or bivocational ministry. The program concentrates on developing expertise in the biblical rationale, sociological strategy, and practical implementation of ministry.

The Doctor of Ministry degree is the highest professional degree for those engaged in local church and parachurch ministries, world missions, and similar ministries.

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DM101 The Ministry Leader
Concentrating on two primary elements, personal awareness and leadership practice, students are provided the opportunity to engage in a series of self-assessments leading to a statement of life vision. The leadership development process is also examined through case studies, leadership literature, and selected leadership concerns.
DM102 Applied Research Project Development Seminar
A “walk-through” of the development of the applied research and dissertation, including problem-statement, research question, hypotheses, research design, theoretical grounding and literature review, and biblical-theological foundation. The course also explores thesis-writing strategies and ministry research methods.
DM103 Applied Research Project
D.Min. studies culminate in the completion of an applied research project. A report of the student’s project is submitted as a dissertation. Note that the term “applied research project” refers to the entire project. The term “dissertation” refers to the actual written document. Students should register for DM103 (paying three hours of tuition) the first term following the completion of 27 hours and all course requirements.
DM105 Applied Research Continuation
DM205 Selected Topics of Biblical Issues in Today’s Ministry
A study of selected biblical issues and their significance for ministry. This seminar typically involves a visiting professor and is offered based on student interest. May be repeated once for credit under a different topic.
DM305 Select Topics of CE Issues in Today’s Ministry
A study of selected issues and their significance for ministry. This seminar is offered based on student interest. May be repeated once for credit under a different topic.
DM310 Instructional and Learning Theories
A survey of contemporary learning theories with emphasis on their instructional implications. Students will integrate theoretical and empirical bases to derive implications for effective instruction.
DM330 Biblical Patterns for Contemporary Parenting
An exploration of how biblical texts present patterns useful to parents for addressing contemporary parenting issues in family life. The seminar will provide opportunity for a survey of available resource materials, involvement in practical projects, and interaction with other professional ministers interested in the field. Students will assess the current status of ministries to parents in their own churches and devise strategies for enhancing those ministries.
DM335 Trends & Issues in Church Education
An examination of current educational paradigms in light of biblical anthropology and a Christian worldview. Students will identify and evaluate social and political trends at global and national levels in order to develop effective educational structures.
DM356 Marriage and Family Ministry Cohort
DM375 Administration in Christian Education
An introduction to evaluation of problems, programs, and/or procedures unique to academic ministry leadership with emphasis on administration in Christian educational institutions.
DM410 Homiletics Practicum
This practicum includes an evaluation of three of the student’s videotaped sermons, the preparation and use of various means of obtaining feedback on his preaching from his congregation, and the development of a year’s preaching plan. Normally open to students who are currently pastoring churches. Limited enrollment.
DM425 Communicating in Contemporary Culture
A study of contemporary culture with a view to enabling students to communicate effectively in their ministries.
DM435 Writing For Publication
A course designed to help pastors and other Christian leaders develop basic skills in writing articles for magazines, devotional materials, and items for lay readership, with attention to all phases of writing for publication from idea generation to manuscript delivery.
DM440 Communication Relevance in Preaching
The development of a communicative model of relevance that provides strategies for contextualized preaching in various settings. Students will do an in-depth analysis of their respective audiences and develop a framework for demonstrating the relevance of biblical messages.
DM455 Preaching Topical Expos Sermons
A study aimed at preparing students to preach theological expositional messages, current-issues expositional messages, and biographical expositional messages. Prerequisite: DM430 Biblical Exposition for the Twenty-first Century. Enrollment limited to 12 students.
DM460 Long-term Sermon Planning to Facilitate Life Change
A method for developing a series of expository sermons on a book of the Bible or a topic. The preacher is able to know the central proposition of each sermon in a series before preaching the first sermon. This permits the creation of effective strategies for communication and life change.
DM465 Advanced Preaching Cohort: Seminar 1
Initial introduction to reaffirming and refining the art and discipline of expository preaching (includes DM101 The Ministry Leader seminar). 6 hours.
DM506 Pastors of Lrg Churches Cohorts Seminar One
DM508 Exec/Assoc Pastor Cohort
DM510 Leadership Evaluation and Development
LEAD is an intensely personal smallgroup seminar in leadership assessment and development dealing with the personalized steps needed to identify and solve leadership obstacles. Spouses must participate in the course. It covers several areas of the life of the leader and his or her spouse: personal family history, marriage and family, personal life visions, preaching, and current ministry. Various resident periods available.
DM521 Church Health, Leadership and Multiplication Cohort: Seminar 1
DM525 Strategic Planning and Mission for Ministry
This course will help ministry leaders to think and plan strategically in four critical areas: (1) discover and articulate the ministry’s core values, (2) craft a mission statement for the leader’s ministry, (3) craft a vision statement for the leader’s ministry, and (4) design a strategy to implement the mission and vision.
DM535 Dev Leadership through Mentoringand Coaching
A study of biblical principles for developing mentoring and/or coaching relationships with others and the value of mentoring in ministry. Students will learn to develop leaders for their church or ministry through this effective, biblical process.
DM553 Multicultural Ministry Cohort I
DM605 Select Topics of Nurture Issues in Today’s Ministry
A study of selected issues and their significance for ministry. This seminar typically involves a visiting professor and is offered based on student interest. May be repeated once for credit under a different topic.
DM610 The Primacy of the Minister’s Spiritual Life
Given the rate of ministerial burnout and fallout, ministers must not neglect their own spiritual journey. This seminar addresses the struggles faced in ministry and offers realistic strategies of hope for ongoing spiritual maturation.
DM620 Worship Enhancement & Effective
An analysis of the theology of worship and worship trends with a view toward leading God’s people to appreciate and participate in worship.
DM625 Discipleship Dynamics
An examination of the concept of discipleship as defined by Christ as the seedbed strategy for developing Christian character. The characteristics of a disciple articulated in the Gospels are carefully correlated with the practice of discipleship in the church as described in the Epistles.
DM635 Marriage & Family Counseling
An examination of the theoretical foundations of healthy Christian family life, with emphasis on practical skills and counseling techniques in the assessment, intervention, and resolution of marital and family problems. Enrollment limited to 20 students.
DM641 Sexual Educator Certification I
DM645 Biblical Conflict Resolution I
DM650 Spritual Formation Cohort: Seminar 1
An introduction to Christian spiritual formation for ministry practitioners. This seminar will focus on the biblical and theological foundations for spiritual formation and the history of the church’s engagement in spiritual formation in the patristic, medieval, reformation, and modern eras. The history of spiritual formation will be studied, with special attention given to the contemporary appropriation of key insights and practices from the church’s past. 6 hours.
DM705 Select Topics of Theological Issues in Today’s Ministry
A study of selected theological issues and their significance for ministry. This seminar typically involves a visiting professor and is offered based on student interest. May be repeated once for credit under a different topic.
DM725 Ministries of Reconciliation
A discussion of the biblical theology of ministries of reconciliation that allows students to develop a model for reconciliation ministries of their choice-racial, gender, marital, cultural, intrachurch, interchurch, restoration of a fallen leader, and so on. The course goes beyond the “should” to develop the “how to” of reconciliation.
DM740 Trends in Contemp Theological Movements
A study of the historical and theological development of current trends in theology. Topics will vary due to student interest.
DM805 Women in Christian Leadership
DM810 The Role of Women Related to Biblical, Historical, & Futuristic Issues
DM815 Understanding Women in Contemporary Culture
DM901 Independent Study
Independent research on some aspect of ministry studies. Normally the independent study is associated with the student’s research project, though it may be related to other interests. Students may take up to two independent studies as part of their program.

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