Applicants who want to be considered for this scholarship must be accepted into an eligible degree program by April 15.

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Description of Scholarship

The Centennial Full Tuition Scholarship will be awarded to ten entering ThM or MA students who have demonstrated excellent scholastic achievement, committed Christian service, and ministry potential as determined by the DTS Admissions Committee and the Scholarship Selection Committee. Emphasis in selection will be placed on candidates who plan to enter church, ministry, or academic service upon completion of their studies. 

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be accepted into one of the following degree programs: ThM, MAC, MACP, MAAE, MACE, MACL, MAMW, MAIS, MABT, MAJS, and MACS

Provisions and Requirements

  1. Applicants who want to be considered for this scholarship must have submitted an admissions application and have been accepted by April 15th. It is recommended that applications, all necessary references and other documents (i.e., transcripts, test scores, etc.) be submitted before April 1. 
  2. Recipients must be full-time, completing at least 30 credit hours per academic year. They must finish the ThM program within four academic years or, depending on the MA program, finish an MA in two to three years. 
  3. The Centennial Full Tuition Scholarship will cover the full tuition cost for up to 30 hours per academic year, in the spring, summer, fall, or winter terms. The recipient will be responsible for fees, books, and housing. 
  4. Recipients will maintain a minimum 3.00 GPA, remain in good standing with the Seminary, exhibit strong Christian character, and demonstrate spiritual maturity through service to others. 
  5. For ThM students, language courses must be taken in sequence each semester, starting the first fall semester. 
  6. If a recipient receives a failing grade in any course, he or she will be disqualified from any additional scholarship money from the Centennial Full Tuition Scholarship after the end of that semester (but will remain eligible for other scholarships). If the recipient's GPA falls below a 3.00 average in any one semester, he or she will be on probation the following semester to bring grades back up to that level. The student will lose the scholarship if the GPA does not increase to a 3.00 average or above. 
  7. Award recipients must meet with the Director of Financial Aid upon matriculation. 
  8. Recipients of the scholarship award will prepare a personal and scholastic update each semester to send to the donor. Student updates should be delivered to the Advancement Office by November 15 and May 15 each year. 
  9. If a recipient fails to meet the requirements listed above, he or she may forfeit the scholarship. 
  10. A background check will be performed on the award recipient. 

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