Conditions and Stipulations of the Matching MA Scholarship

  1. The Matching MA Scholarship is awarded to a select number of entering DC students in professional MA programs, based on their scholastic achievements and ministry potential as determined by the Seminary’s Admissions Committee.
  2. The Matching MA Scholarship is in the amount of $3,000 to be awarded over four consecutive semesters in the amount of $750 per semester. This scholarship does not affect the student’s ability to receive additional need-based aid.
  3. The scholarship may be scaled up to but not exceeding $1,000 per semester, in accordance with financial support the student receives directly from donors outside DTS (church, family, friends). For outside gifts to be matched by DTS, donors must fill out the Matching MA Support Form. (Note: according to IRS regulations, donors cannot receive a tax deduction for gifts given directly to a student’s account.)
  4. To qualify for the Matching MA Scholarship, the student must continue to meet the following requirements:
    • The student must be classified as an MA student taking courses at the DC campus (at least one course on campus). MBTS, MACS, and MABEL not eligible.
    • The student must complete a 6-hour course load per semester, excluding Servant Leadership Internship courses.
    • The student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  5. The Matching MA Scholarship can only be used during the first four semesters following the student’s initial date of matriculation. If a student fails to meet the requirements listed above, he or she will forfeit the scholarship awarded for the next semester. If a student postpones entry or withdraws from classes to fall below the 6-hour threshold, he or she will forfeit the scholarship award for the semester postponed or withdrawn. A scholarship award balance will not be carried beyond the two-year delimiting date.
  6. The Matching MA Scholarship cannot be used for summer school or winter-session classes. It is only applicable to the fall and spring semesters.
    The Matching MA Scholarship will be credited to the student’s account at the time of registration and will be applied toward tuition expenses. The scholarship will not apply toward the student activity fees, book purchases, etc.